Green City Kigali, Republic of Rwanda

Selection of Urban and Architectural Design Consultant organization to undertake Urban Planning, Infrastructure and Architectural Design Services


Sponsors:Rwanda’s Green Fund (FONERWA), KfW Development Bank and the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Type: International, RfQ, two-stage Language: English Fee: None

Eligibility: Through the design competition, the selection process is seeking to appoint an experienced and

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Almetyevsk (Russia) Urban Planning Competition


Type: RfQ, open, International, 2-stage Fee: None

Languages: Russian and English Eligibility: Registered architects, planners, etc. Process: and awards The three teams generated from a shortlisting format that advance to the competition stage of the contest will each be compensated with a stipend of 2,500i,000 rubles (approx. USD 40,000)

The following awards will be

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Urban Confluence Deadline Extended



The submission deadline has been extended to April 3, 2020


“The Submission requirements are being revised to allow more flexibility and creativity. We will now allow two boards instead of one. In addition, other revisions to the submission requirements will allow entrants more freedom to present the attributes of their project. All

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Springdale (AR) Veterans Memorial


Sponsor: Springdale Veterans Memorial Organization Type: open, anonymous, one-stage, National Language: English Fees: Students – $25 Non-students, non-professionals – $50 Professionals – $100

Site location: 1995 Fleming Dr., Springdale, Arkansas 72764

Timetable: 31 December 2019 – Deadline for registrations 30 January 2020 – Q & A Deadline 31 March 2020 – Submissions deadline

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Gwangju City Main Library Competition




Sponsor: City of Gwangju, UIA Type: International, open, anonymous Fee: None Languages: English, Korean Timetable: 11 December 2019 – Registration deadline! 7 February 2020 – Submission deadline 12 February 2020 – Jury session Awards: 1st Prize- Design Development and Construction Document Priority right (with approx. KRW 17.3 billion for the design)

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Silicon Alley Design Competition: Upgrade of the Nanjing Tobacco Factory

Sponsor: Nanjing Zhongshan Asset Management Group Co., Ltd. Organizer(s): Southeast University; People’s Government of Xuanwu District, Nanjing; Nanjing Science and Technology Bureau

Type: open, international Languages: English, Chinese Fee: None Timetable: 15 December 2019 – Submissions deadline 20 January 2020 – Final review Awards: 1st prize – $50,000 2nd prize – $20,000 3rd prize –

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A New State Archive in Kitzingen, Germany


1st Place – gmp Architekten Photo: ©Hans-Joachim Wuthenow, Berlin


As part of a policy to relocate archives of local interest outside of major Bavarian cities, a competition was staged for the design of a new archive in Kitzingen, 12 miles from the provincial capital city of Würzburg, Germany. The competition was

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New Entrance General Plan for the University of St. Gallen



Sponsor: Kanton St. Gallen Hochbauamt Competition adviser: Strittmatter Partner AG Type: open, anonymous, one-stage

Location: St. Gallen, Switzerland Program budget: 137M CHF (USD 140M) Eligibility: Firms that reside in countries of the EU or GATT

Language: German Registration fee: CHF 400.00 (USD 404) Timetable:

8 November 2019 – Registration deadline 15 November

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2020 Forge Prize: Vision in Steel for Architectural Excellence and Speed


Sponsor: American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Type: open, ideas, two-stage Eligibility: U.S. and Canadian architects within 10 years of licensure or pursuing licensure.

Participants must be working professionals in any of the following firm types: Architecture Firm; A/E Firm, but submitting as an emerging architec; Design-Build Firm, but submitting as an

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The Great Cinema of Modern Zlin



Competition organizer: cceamoba Type: international, EOI Process: Up to six teams will be selected to participate in the competition phase Language: Czech Fee: None Challenge:

The Great cinema in Zlín, designed by architect František Lýdie Gahura and built by the

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