New School, Smart School: Sejong National Model City Middle and High School Design Ideas Competition


Type of Competition: Ideas, international Sponsor: Korea Education and Research Service Eligibility: Young architects, students Location: Sejong, Korea Languages: English, Korean

Timetable: 29 January 2021 – End of Q&A period on website 15-19 February 2021 – Submission Deadline Awards: 1st Place – 8M KRW (USD 7,200) 2nd Places (2) – 3M KRW (USD 2,700)

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New Church in Skanderborg, Denmark


Type of Competition: RfQ, EWG Language: Danish

Timetable: 18 January 2021 – Deadline for receipt of projects and applications for participation Compensation: A fee of DKK 125,000 (USD20,000 approx.) will be paid excl. VAT to the pre-qualified participants who submit a conditional competition proposal.

Challenge: Proposals must be given for new construction of

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Uusi Kansallinen – National Finnish Museum Competition: Following a Time Honored Paradigm


Aerial view of site – Courtesy National Finnish Museum


When major cultural institutions in Finland plan a new building project, one can almost always assume that an open competition will be the vehicle by which the client settles on the building’s design. The only question is, will this be organized

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Low Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles


Organizers: Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA Type: International, open

Languages: English Fees: None Timetable: 12 February 2021 – Submission deadline

Awards: In each category, cash prizes will be awarded as follows, for a total of 12 winning proposals:

First place – $10,000

Second place – $3,500

Third Place – $1,500

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Design Competition: Unification Culture Center


Organizers: Seoul Metropolitan City Urban Space Improvement Team Competition Management: Jeong-Joo Lab (

Location: Seoul, Korea Type: International, open

Languages: Korean and English Fees: None Timetable: 10 December 2020 – Registration deadline 23 December 2020 – Submission deadline

Project dimensions: Site area: 506㎡; Scale: Total floor area 680㎡, 1 basement level / 3

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Design Competition for Joint Building of the Garak Fire House & the Gangnam Agricultural & Marine Products Inspection Center

Sponsor: Project Seoul Location: Seoul, South Korea Type: International, one-stage

Languages: Korean and English

Eligibility: Architects

Timetable: 23 November 2020 – Registration deadline

24 November 2020 – Submission deadline Awards: (USD approximate) Winner – Right to negotiate for the contract 2nd Prize – KRW 23,400,000 (USD 20,000) 3rd Prize – KRW 17,400,000 (USD 15,000)

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Antwerp (Belgium) WWII Memorial on the Scheldt quays in Antwerp

Sponsor: AG VESPA Type: EU, RfQ limited competition

Eligibility: (EU) Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers, etc.

Timetable: 29 January 2021 – RfQ Deadline Language: Dutch (for submission of tenders) Description of Project: Design of public domain Pilotage site and design of WWII Memorial on the Scheldt quays in Antwerp. The subject includes the preparation of

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2021 Steel Design Student Competition


Sponsor: American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Coordinator: ACSA Type: Student, open Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students in architecture programs Fees: none Timetable: 7 April 2021 – Registration deadline 2 June 2021 – Submission deadline Awards: $20,000 in cash prizes Design Challenges: Two categories – Workplace Wellness and Open Category I – Workplace Wellness

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Ground Breaking at Science Island


SMAR’s Winning Entry Gets the Green Light

Image: ©SMAR Architecture


The winning competition entry in the 2016 Science Island competition in Kaunas, Lithuania by SMAR Architects may only take five years to realize—from the date of the competition to completion. This is encouraging news, as the duration of such projects resulting

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The Eisenhower Memorial: Sending Mixed Messages?


The Eisenhower Memorial: Sending Mixed Messages? by Stanley Collyer



Since this article was written, several events have occurred which have changed our perception of the final design process. Frank Gehry went back to the drawing board and has modified his memorial design, eliminating some of the columns which we objected to at the edge of the site (January 2011, see above). One may only hope that the tapastry design element, which the Arts Commission still has some reservations about, can be resolved successfully.

More recently, a group called the National Civic Art Society in Washington has issued a call for another Eisenhower Memorial competition for the same site. Apparently stuck on the idea that everything in Washington near the Mall should be in the Beaux Arts traditional style, they take offense that the Gehry design does not meet their standards of what a memorial to Ike should look like. Although probably well-meaning, this group evidently would like to turn back the clock on progress in this field. They would like to erase from memory all the advancements in new materials and ideas which have surfaced and been implemented over the past century. Is it then surprising that not one architect on their board is a national name (Most of their members are laypersons). Although their competition will undoubtedly draw some entries, it should hardly be taken seriously, much less receive any attention from the press. What they are doing is adding nothing to a positive dialogue about architecture in this country—only attempting to set it back by decades. -Ed

Frank Gehry’s preferred idea for the Eisenhower Memorial was one of three proposals which the firm presented in March 2010 to the Eisenhower Memorial Commission after prevailing in the earlier selection process. Although not touted as a pure competition by the Memorial Commission, the original selection process in 2009 was typical of the General Services Administration’s Excellence in Architecture program, often used to adjudicate the design process for government projects such as federal courthouses.

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