Mayukwayukwa Refugee Camp Center


A sustainable Development Center in Zambia



Sponsor(s): The UN Refugee Agency; NGO PROVS A.C. Competition consultant: Type: International, open, one-stage Eligibility: Any architecture student or professional architect can participate in MAYUKWAYUKWA: a Sustainable Development Center in Zambia, regardless of their nationality. Likewise, people from other disciplines can also participate, such

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Incheon Geomdan Museum·Library Cultural Complex


RfQ Application deadline: 30 November 2022 (12:00 KST)


Diagram courtesy Incheon Housing and City Development Corporation


Organizer: Incheon Housing and City Development Corporation Type: International, General, open Eligibility: -Qualifications for participation are for domestic and foreign architects and can participate alone or jointly. -Joint applications are allowed up to 3 people/firms

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National Philharmonic of Moldova


Philharmonic after 2020 fire


Sponsor: Government of Moldova Ministry of Culture Type: Open, International, RfQ Eligibility: Registered Architects/Landscape architects (Applicants should be able to show expertise in preservation) Language: English Fees: none Timetable: February 2023 – Submission deadline (Registration now underway) Jury: The international jury will be made up of architects,

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Department of State 2022 Design-Build Construction Contract for Curacao New Consulate Compound 


Client: U.S. Department of State Type: Open, RfQ Eligibility: Construction/Architecture teams with similar projects in size of at least $97.5M Fee: none Language: English Process: Shortlist of five teams with site visit and submission of designs in second stage Project budget: $130-165 million Timetable: 10 October 2022 – Request for clarifications deadline 20 October

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International design competition for the development of a Private Island in The Bahamas



Sponsor: Private client based in the Bahamas Competition administrator: RIBA Type: International, open, ideas Eligibility: Open to design professionals and students Note: See How to Register! Fees: £28 for each category entered Language: English Categories – Beach Club Concept, including restaurant, bar and cabana design – Marina Concept, including reception – meet

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Butrint National Park Visitor Center (Albania)



Sponsor: The Ministry of Culture of Albania, the Butrint Management Foundation (BMF) Facilitator: Malcolm Reading Consultants (London) Type: International, open (RfQ), 2-stage Fees: None Language: English Timetable: 11 October 2022 – Deadline for questions 24 October 2022 – Deadline for stage-one responses Process (stage 1) The client seeks a dedicated and gifted

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Berkeley Prize 2023: Architecture Designed for Aging

Sponsor: University of California Berkeley School of Architecture Type: International, open, student, two-stage Eligibility: Open to undergraduate students internationally Category I: Essay Competition Category II: Travel Fellowship Competition Language: English Fees: none Timetable: 15 September 2022 – Competition launch 1 November 2022 – Stage I entries due Jury: • Aleksis Bertoni, USA • Dorit Fromm,

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ACSA Student Design Competitions


The ACSA has announced the following competitions for students this year:

2023 COTE Competition The competition challenges students to integrate health, sustainability and equity.

2023 Steel Design Student Competition The competition challenges students to integrate health, sustainability and equity. Two separate categories are open: CATEGORY I: SPIRITUAL SPACE

Design “A Place for the Spirit”

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Las Vegas October 1 Memorial


Mission Statement for Permanent Memorial To provide a space that will remember the 58 who perished in the immediate aftermath as a result of the 1 October 2017 tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Las Vegas, Nevada, and those who succumbed to their injuries thereafter, honor the survivors and the many heroes who

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West Herndon Playing Fields Competition


Aerial view of site


Designing a Transformational Green Space for a Local Community


Sponsor: London Borough of Barnet (LBB), in partnership with the Landscape Institute (LI) Type: open, international, two-stage Language: English Fee: none Timetable: STAGE 1 30th August 2022 – Deadline for Stage 1 30th Aug – 2nd Sept 2022

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