Kindergarten Concept Design Competition



Sponsor: “SHAK” (Architectural Service to the Capital)
Type: International, open, one-stage
Location: Kolovicë, Pristina, Kosovo
Eligibility: no limitations on accreditation
(All applications are anonymous and are referred to only by a unique serial number assigned during submission.)
Languages: English, Albanian
Fee: none
17 January 2024 – Registration deadline
6 March 2024 – Submission deadline for documents


Chair – TBD
Ardit Jedrashi, Architect
Gëzim Kastrati, Architect


1st Place –  €6,000
2nd Place – €3,000
3rd Place –  €1,500



• Candidates must submit a written abstract of their concept, which should not be longer than 300 words.

• Presentations must be made in such a way that they fully demonstrate the design concept and under no circumstances should they contain the author’s signature or any other distinctive marks.
• All designs must be submitted in JPEG format at 300 DPI. It is also not acceptable to send files using services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or WeTransfer, and any similar service, unless provided by Shërbimi i Arkitektit të Kryeqytetit.
• To register as well as to apply, candidates need to send an email (at, in which the administration confirms their application acknowledgment, grants access for document download, and provides space to upload their finalized applications. Their email needs to be new and should be specifically created for the purpose of applying to this competition, and the first part, not longer than 6 characters, will be their application code; for example, All emails created for this purpose must also be of the Gmail type.
• The winning applications, or the winners, will need to verify their identity in order to receive the prize, through proof of ownership of the email, the first part of which represents their application code.



The Competition
The existing condition of the location in Kolovica presents challenges and opportunities for new development. The plot has an area of 5.3 hectares, where built houses and other residential buildings are located.

A space of 0.45 hectares has been dedicated for a preschool institution. Access to the plot is possible from two roads, a residential road to the south and a trodden path to the west.

However, the road infrastructure needs improvement. Due to previous construction, the environment is degraded, but potential terrain regulation could eliminate negative impacts. Future development possibilities include rehabilitating the terrain and transforming the road into a more suitable variant.

The location has potential for regeneration and further use, contributing to the improvement of the residential area’s quality. However, the cost of rehabilitating the terrain and improving road infrastructure must be considered in the planning of future development of this location.

The location dedicated to the construction of the nursery-garden belongs to the “Prishtina” cadastral zone, Kolovica neighborhood, and is part of the Urban Development Plan of Pristina.

The conditions for the development and construction of the nursery-garden are determined based on current effective guidelines: Administrative Instruction 08/2017 on Technical Norms of Spatial Planning (MMPH), the Guide for Norms and Standards of Preschool Facility Spaces (MASHT), and the current Urban Development Plan of Pristina.

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