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Of the scores of competitions which take place every year, narrowing down the number which can appear on the pages of this publication turns into a difficult selection process. There are a few parameters: including projects that will ultimately be built is definitely a high priority; interesting programs and public interest in the international architectural community are also factors. But we do draw a line where ideas competitions are mainly theoretical, not related to any specific site, and, although well intended, produce little in the arena of new knowledge.

Unfortunately, several of the major competitions featured on these pages were in the invited category and not open to all architects. In spite of the reduction in the number of entries, we still find some interesting ideas and approaches that would not have occurred had these projects been the direct result of a normal search or commission. There was no guarantee that the international ideas Helsinki Guggenheim competition would be built, and the winning design, which drew much controversy, has been abandoned. But the organization and composition of the competition jury made the publication of this event a no-brainer.

Selecting competitions for inclusion in this work is arbitrary on our part, as to why some got in and others got left out. But they all had their specific challenges, and how they dealt with these will always be the subject of debates for years to come.

This year’s selection:

  • Taiwan Taoyuoang Airport Terminal 3 (I)
  • Mesa’s Answer to Urban Sprawl (I)
  • Helsinki Guggenheim Museum Competition (O)
  • UNO/WHO Headquarters Extension Competition (O)
  • CAC Obama Library Ideas Competition (O)
  • Dessau Bauhaus Museum Competition (O)
  • Technology Expansion at Carnegie Mellon University (I)
  • Sydney’s Green Square Library Competition (O)
  • Expansion of the Vienna Museum of History (O)
  • Chicago’s Biennial Lakefront Competition (O)

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