The New Jongno-gu Government Complex Design Competition


Sponsor: Seoul Metropolitan Government Jongno-gu

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Type: Open, international

Language: Korean, English

Fee: None

Eligibility: Both Korean and foreign licensed architects can participate, and one team can be made of up to three architects but one appointed representative should carry out the registration.

Timetable: 20 August 2020 – Registration deadline 27

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“BRIDGING”: Yongxin Old City Wenxing Bridge Renewal Plan




Sponsor: Yongxin County People’s Government, Yongxin, China

Media support: Urban Environment Design (UED) magazine

Type: International, ideas, one-stage

Language: English

Fee: None

Eligibility: Students and design professionals


1 September 2020 – Registration deadline

15 September 2020 – Submission deadline

Q&A will

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Akureyri Airport Extension and Changes


Sponsor: Isavia Innanlandsflugvellir ehf

Location: Reykyavik, Iceland

Type: RfQ, tender process

Eligibility: EU

Fee: None

Language: Icelandic Tender document (no charge): Timetable:

8 July 2020 – Tender document deadline

Project description:

Isavia Innanlandsflugvellir ehf (Domestic Airports) is tendering out the design for extension and changes

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Bus Terminal + Stadium Connection with High-rise


Sponsor: City of Vienna Location: Vienna, Austria Type: RfQ, Open Eligibility: EU Fee: None Language: German Tender document (no charge)


30 August 2020 – Deadline for receipt of documents

Information about awards and requirements available on the competition website

Documents available at:

Berlin Multi-Purpose Sports Complex Masterplan


Sponsor: Land Berlin

Type: Open, two-stage, anonymous

Up to 20 teams will be shortlisted from phase I to take part in the final selection phase II

Fee: none

Language: German

Links to documents:

(“Auslobung” indicates competition brief})

Eligibility: The competition is for licensed professionals, whereby all

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Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism:
Crossroads, Building the resilient city


Sponsor: SBAU2021 Type: Open, call for proposals

Consultant: Dominique Perrault Fee: none

Language: English

Eligibility: The competition is open to a diversity of participants, not limited to professionals of the built environment. It is aimed at architects, town planners, all creators and organizations that contribute to the creation of cities and

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Lagi 2020: Fly Ranch

Design the Future of Fly Ranch



For anyone who recalls the Black Mountain project in North Carolina from the late 1930s and mid-1940s, the Lagi 2020 Fly Ranch project in many respects is almost a carbon copy of that famous progressive initiative. Besides Walter Gropius, the Black Mountain project, which focused

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European Parliament Design Competition: Paul-Henri SPAAK Building and its surroundings


View of the Paul-Henri SPAAK Building with Parc Leopold in the background and Place du Luxembourg in the foreground ©Façade and hemicycle: architect Michel Boucquillon


Sponsor: European Parliament Competition management: AT-Osborne-Tractebel Engineering, Brussels, Belgium and [phase eins], Architects, Berlin, Germany (It is intended to have the procedure approved by the

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Zumthor on the Chopping Block?

An Ideas Competition in Opposition to a Concrete Design


Entry by TheeAe (Image © TheeAe)



In early 2020, a group advocating a new approach to the design of the Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA)—The Citizens’ Brigade to Save LACMA—organized a competition to counter an existing design by the Swiss

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Kaizhou New City Competition


Sponsor: Kaizhou New City Management Committee of Deyang City Type: International, ideas, one-stage Location: Kaizhou New City, located east of Deyang City, Sichuan Province, covers two towns, Jisqing and Xinglong, with an administrative area of 200 sq. kilometers. The New City is 64 kilometers from the urban area of Chengdu and located within the

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