The New Dining Place International Design Competition

Sponsor: COOK8 Fees: Early Bird Registration – 40€ Standard Registration – 70€ Awards: In the context of the competition three equal cash prizes of 2,000€ will be awarded. Six commendations will also be made on the proposal of the Jury. The three awarded entries will be realised in full scale (1: 1) at the Benaki

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2017 Student Concrete Design Competition

Type: Limited to students at schools in participating countries Participating countries: Germany, Belgium, Ireland Language: English Timetable: May/June 2018 – National jury sessions Design Challenge: The 8th Concrete Design Competition on TACTILITY asks students of architecture, design and engineering to explore and exploit the potential of concrete’s properties with respect to any notion of TACTILITY.

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International Centre for Music in Zelazowa Wola, Poland Site of Frederic Chopin Museum

Sponsor: National Frederic Chopin Institute Type: open, international, two-stage Entry fee: none Language: Polish (The documents and declarations prepared in a language other than Polish shall be enclosed with a translation into Polish certified by the Participant or his/ her representative.) Eligibility: Each team led by an architect must also include an acoustics specialist. Total

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Beyond the Park Avenue Centerline

Sponsor: Fisher Brothers Type: Open, United States Location: New York City Eligibility: Open competition, but entrants must be US citizens. Fee: None Awards: A grand prize winner selected by a jury will receive $25,000 and a popular vote will determine a $5,000 prize winner. Timetable: 15 December 2017 – Entry form deadline 2 February 2018

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Nürnberg Concert Hall


Sponsor: City of Nürnberg, Germany Type: open, 2-stage Fee: none Language: German Competition professional advisers: C4C, Berlin Timetable:

15 December 2017 – 1st-stage submittal (plans) 21 December 2017 – 1st stage (Model submission)

22 March 2018 – 2nd Stage submittal


Total compensation – €315,000 of which Awards: €195,000 (total) 2nd stage participants:

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Sevenoaks Nature & Wellbeing Centre

Sponsor: RIBA; Kent Wildlife Trust Type: Open, international, 2 stage Location: Kent, UK Honorarium: £3,000 for each shortlisted team Timetable: 5 December 2017 – Stage 1 Submission Deadline

Design Challenge: The competition is seeking designs for a new visitor centre for Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve in Kent. The new visitor centre will be the flagship visitor

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Munich Concert Hall Planning Competition Results


First prize entry (© Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten)


1st Prize (Commission) Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten ZT Bregenz, Austria

2nd Prize (100,000 Euro) PFP Planungs GmbH Hamburg, Germany


3rd Prize (75,000 Euro) David Chipperfield Architects / Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH, Berlin, Germany


4th Prize (60,000 Euro) 3XN AS Copenhagen, Denmark



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Cleveland MLK Public Library Branch Project


Sponsors: Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland Foundation Type: Open, RfQ, two-stage Eligibility: Licensed architects Language: English Location: University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio Fee: none Timeline: 27 November 2017 (5pm EST) – RfQ deadline 18 December 2017 – Notification of semi-finalists Building and budget details • Building size: 20,000 sf (1-2 levels.) • Air Space: The Developer

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National Memorial to the Heavenly Hundred Heroes and Revolution of Dignity Museum in Kiev

Sponsor: Ukrainian Ministry of Culture Theme: Memory/Museum Type: International, open, 2-stage, RfQ, (both for architecture and art/sculpture) Fee: none Selection procedure: • For the “memorial competition”, a total of approx. 12 artists/sculptors, architects or landscape architects will be selected to participate. • For participation in the “museum competition” a total of approx. 12 architects or

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New Hsinta Ecological Power Plant Construction Project Conceptual Design International Competition

Sponsor: Taiwan Power Company, Taiwan Theme: Aesthetics” becomes a new dimension of the next-generation power plant. Type: open, international, two-stage, Expressions of Interest (EOI) Languages: English, Chinese Fee: none Qualifications for Participation: 1. Any licensed architect (or architect firm) of Taiwan or any licensed architect (or architect firm), licensed landscape architect (or landscape architect firm)

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