Sponsor: Università Iuav di Venezia, Italy Type: International, anonymous, one-stage Eligibility: Limited to architects and engineers under the age of 40 Fee: None! Languages: Italian, English Awards: First prize €10.000 Second prize €4.500 Third prize €2.000


20 October 2017 – Registration deadline 3 November 2017 – Submission deadline


The aim of the contest

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SO-IL Re-invents Place Mazas in Paris

View of site from south Rendering ©SO-IL


In Paris, it’s no longer just about Grands Projets. Lately, the French have become more focused on areas bordering the Seine River, and how to turn them into more attractive destinations for locals and visitors alike. The most recent projet, and the subject of a competition, was Place Mazas, located on the Right Bank of the Seine in the 12th District. Partially because of the bordering highway’s proximity to the river, the site is underused and hardly regarded as a high profile destination.


Now that may all change. The competition, won by the New York-based firm, SO-IL, has conceived a plan, which will create a series of park areas and structures relating to the current needs of the community. Sustainability is almost always on the front burner in these competitions, and this was no exception. SO-IL’s plan for the site’s only major building is a seven-story structure made primarily of wood. Although situated all by itself at the end of a street—bordering on the Seine—its shape and size serve to address the composition of the streetscape in a very logical, spatial manner. According to the intent of the winner, “This volume includes a housing program in co-living typology, with several interior and exterior shared spaces for the residents as well as a public restaurant on the ground floor.”



Arsenal Basin Rendering ©SO-IL


The rest of the site is devoted to “public activities,” opening up views to the Seine River and includes a repurposed 1905 lockhouse and a “temporary pavilion” hosting facilities like public co-working spaces, a fabricaion lab, an event room and a terrace offering views on the Arsenal Basin, the river, and the surrounding city, “as well as a facility for homeless care already established on site.” Labeling the pavilion as a “temporary” structure is based on the assumption that neighborhoods are always evolving, and that future changes could be in store.

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The Cambridge to Oxford Connection

Sponsor: National Infrastructure Commission, U.K. Language: English Type: open, anonymous, 2-stage Fee: none Awards: Second stage finalists will each receive £10,000 Timeline: 3 August 2017 – Stage 1 submission deadline (digital) Design Challenge: The aim of the competition is to gather, showcase and promote imaginative responses to integrating placemaking with the proposed infrastructure projects across

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Place des Montréalaises Landscape Competition

Sponsor: Ville de Montréal, Canada Type: open, international, 2-stage (stage 1 anonymous) Process: Stage 2 will include 5 finalists from Stage 1 Eligibility: Architects/Landscape architects must have at least 5 years experience (see web announcement) Organizer: Bureau du design, Direction entrepreneuriat | Service du développement économique, Ville de Montréal Languages: French, English Fee: none Timetable:

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Concert Centre in Kaunas, Lithuania


Sponsor: City of Kaunas, Lithuania

Type: open, international, one-stage

Eligibility: Licensed Architects

Process: Three (3) finalists from the first stage will be asked to refine their designs for a final presentation to the client

Fee: none


6 September 2017 – Deadline for submissions


Jonas Audėjaitis, Kaunas Faculty Dean, Vilnius Academy of Arts,

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Seventh Annual Zero Net Energy Design Competition


Sponsor: PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), AIA California Council, San Francisco State University’s Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies.

Type: open, one-stage

Topic: science education facility in Tiburon, California


The competition is open to students, architects, landscape architects, urban planners, engineers and designers internationally


Architects, Engineers and Designers: $275 • Students and

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Nizhny Novgorod Town-planning Competition for a Public Space


Sponsor: Union of Moscow Architects (Russia) Type: International, open, ideas Fee: €80 Timetable

15 July 2017 – Registration deadline 30 August 2017 – Submission deadline Design Challenge The main task formulated for the Competition participants is to suggest a conceptual solution demonstrating a contemporary approach to the complex development of the introduced site and

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Southmere Village Library Competition


Sponsors: Thamesmead and Peabody Group Organizer: RIBA Type: Invited, RfQ, 2-stage Timetable: 13 July 2017 (14:00 hrs) Deadline for RfQ submission

Design challenge

Peabody is seeking to select a firm of architects to provide architectural design and related services for a new, purpose-built library building at Southmere Village. Consultants from other required design disciplines

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2017 Fentress Global Challenge: Airport of the Future

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PHL “Image Maker” Design Competition


Philadelphia International Airport and PHS are collaborating on a design competition to create an “Image Maker” landscape at the Airport. In line with PHS initiatives that transform public space, a Design Competition for PHL is an opportunity to demonstrate Philadelphia’s position as America’s Garden Capital and a chance to create a welcoming and iconic

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