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Competition facilitator: ADM, Helsinki and State Real Estate Company
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Type: Open, International, two-stage
Language: English
Fee: none
Eligibility: Licensed architect (lead architect must have Masters Degree)
(See competition brief for clarification of eligibility)
24 April 2024 – Competition seminar
(A link to submitting questions is available in the brief)
12 May 2024 – End of Q&A
29 August 2024 – Closing date for final Stage I submission
December 2024 – Announcement of finalists
September 2025 – Announcement of results
•Mikko Aho, Architect SAFA (Jury Chair)
• Juha Lemström, Architect SAFA
• Gus Casely-Hayford, Director, V&A East
• Beatrice Galilee, Architect, The World Around
• Katrina Gould, CEO, Foundation for the Finnish Museum of Architecture and design
• Salla Hoppu, Architect SAFA, Leading Architect, City of Helsinki
• Beate Hølmebakk, Architect, Professor, Partner, Manthey Kula Architects
• Rita Kaivosoja, Director General, Ministry of Education and Culture
• Matti Kuittinen, Architect, Associate Professor, Aalto University
• Sari Nieminen, Architect SAFA, Office Sari Nieminen
• Miklu Silvanto, Designer, Board Member, AD Museum Ltd.
• Anna Sinnemäki, Deputy Mayor for Urban Environment, Helsinki
• Hannu Tikka, Architect SAFA, Professor, APRT Architects

Design Challenge:
For the complete list of downloads for understanding the competition:


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