Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences, University of Geneva


Sponsors: OCBA in collaboration with University of Geneva

Competition management: FISCHER MONTAVON + ASSOCIES Architectes-Urbanistes SA
Type: open, international, two-stage
Fee: none
Language: French
Eligibility: WTO, Switzerland
12. September 2024 – Stage 1 entry submission
27. September 2024 – Model submission
10. March 2025 – Stage 2 entry submission
04. April 2025 – Stage 2 model submission
Two-stage architectural design competition, with optional degree of refinement, open procedure, for multidisciplinary team, according to SIA 142. The objective for the client and the University is to build a future Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences (CSPM) with a total floor area of around 20,000 m2.
Group leader: architect
Additional collaborators:
Civil engineering, building physics, building services, landscape architecture
  Marc Collomb, Architecte FAS EPFL SIA, Atelier Cube, Lausanne (président)
  Francesco Della Casa, Architecte cantonal, arch. EPFL, Etat de Genève (Vice-président)
  Laure Baretaud, Architecte paysagiste, Paris
  Malena Bastien Masse, Ingénieure civile, Dr ès Sc. EPFL
  Alia Bengana, Architecte DPLG, Paris
  Reto Camponovo, Ingénieur en physique du bâtiment HES, HEPIA
  Luc Courtieu, Ingénieur CVSE, Etat de Genève, OCBA
  Xavier De Rivaz, Architecte, adjoint de direction service d’urbanisme, Ville de Genève
  Marco Girani, Architecte EAUG, UNIGE
  Shelley McNamara, Architecte UCD, Grafton Architects, Dublin
  Colette Ruffieux-Chehab, Architecte FAS EPFL SIA, Ruffieux-Chehab Architectes, Fribourg
  Pierre Robyr, Architecte EIG/EPFL, chef de projet, Etat de Genève, OU
  Martalicia Schnell, Architecte EAUG, cheffe de projet, Etat de Genève, OCBA
  Andrew Todd, Architecte OA, Studio Andrew Todd, Paris

Design Challenge
The Center for Physical and Mathematical Sciences (CSPM) will come to life by 2031 at Quai Ernest-Ansermet, on land owned by the State and already occupied by temporary buildings of the University. The realisation of this centre is essential to strengthen scientific excellence in Geneva and address the critical issues of the degradation of existing premises and their inadequacy for the needs of current and future research and teaching. This ambitious project will ensure the maintenance of UNIGE at the highest global level and will also provide residents of the neighborhood with direct access to the Arve River and the future park. Its scientific, economic, and social impact will extend beyond the framework of the University of Geneva and benefit the entire canton and its population.

Following a consultation phase, an architecture competition will be launched, and the results will be known in April 2025. A study credit of 17.6 million was approved on March 2, 2023, by the Grand Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva. It follows a preliminary study initiated in 2014 and involves the demolition of buildings constructed temporarily in the 1960s or those that are now obsolete. Research and teaching activities in physics and mathematics are currently scattered across several sometimes outdated sites, unsuitable for the technical requirements of advanced research and teaching, as well as safety and environmental standards. The implementation of this project is expected to take place from 2027 to 2031.

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