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The new COMPETITIONS is a successor entity to the non-profit The Competition Project, Inc., and Competitions-Archive LLC, which was founded in 1986, and was a pioneering, non-profit corporation serving as a clearinghouse for information and ideas on design competitions, in the United States as well as abroad. From 1991 to 2010, it was the publisher of COMPETITIONS, a quarterly magazine dealing exclusively with design competitions on an international scale and having a world-wide circulation. Since 2010, the Competition Project published a monthly COMPETITIONS E-zine, reviewing past competitions and announcing upcoming design competitions in architecture, landscape architecture and planning. It was supplemented by instant email notices about results and new competitions as we heard about them. Subscribers also received a comprehensive yearly publication, COMPETITIONS Annual, which reverted from a print format to digital format in 2016. All this provided our subscribers with a handy reference source on past competitions, which were covered by the E-zine over the course of the year.
As of March 16, 2020, with the dissolution of the non-profit corporation, all rights to the competitions website, competitions.org, have become the property of the new entity created for that purpose, competitions.org. 


For a complete index of back issues of COMPETITIONS magazine, visit the website STORE. Back issues are now available to purchase. Some of those no longer in print are available in PDF format. Competition participants featured in the magazine may purchase copies for $10.00 an issue, plus shipping if an overseas order. The discount for shipping will not appear in the webstore, but will be applied before credit card processing.
Back issues of the COMPETITIONS Annual can be purchased online, https://competitions.org

G. Stanley Collyer, PhD, Hon. AIA, Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Madryga, MS Arch, Website editor
Technical specialists
Dave Randolph, Webmaster
David Gurr, Website creator

Carlos Casuscelli (Miami, FL))

Bill Liskamm FAIA (San Rafael, CA)

William Morgan, PhD (Providence, RI)

George Thomas Kapelos FRAIC (Toronto, Ontario)

Paul D. Spreiregen FAIA (Washington, DC)

Brian Carter, FRSA (SUNY Buffalo), author

Frederick Borck, Berlin, Germany


Past Board Members
Armand Ostroff, CPA, President
Robert Kissinger, AIA
Randy Reifsnider, AIA
Grady Clay, Editor and author
James Walters, AIA
David Horvath, Archivist
Kimberly Greene, Attorney
Henry Kuehn, President
Jan Grayson, CPA
Susan Rademacher, FASLA
Graziella Bush, Columbus, Indiana
Lawrence Timperman, AIA

Editorial Offices

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