Holocaust Memorials Under Siege?


New England Holocaust Memorial, by Stanley Saitowitz


The New England Holocaust Memorial, the result of a competition won by Stanley Saitowitz (above), appeared to be an easy target with its glass panel design for teenagers on two separate occasions. Just focusing on competitions, an attack against any building that was the result

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Berkeley Prize Announcement

BERKELEY PRIZE 1998 – 2023

Celebrating 25 years of the international Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence Mourning our Founder, Chair and Benefactor, Raymond Lifchez

The Berkeley Prize has been “suspended” for the 2023-24 academic year. This is a pause to determine the future of the Prize and an acknowledgement of the huge gap

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David Black 1928-2023



During a visit to Columbus, Ohio in 1970, I was invited to the home of a friend, Professor Michael Curran, who told me there was someone I should meet. The person he was referring to was Prof. David Black, a professor in the university’s art department, who was

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Architecture at Zero 2023 Webinar


California’s Title 24 Energy Code: What, Why and Where is it Going

Webinar: May 18, 2023 9:00-10:30 am PST

To register for this free event


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Rafael Viñoly: Buoyed by His Early Successes in Competitions



Figure 1 Industrial Union Tower (1967)


Rafael already made a name for himself in the late sixties as a university student in Buenos Aires. While I was a student serving as an intern in a downtown office in Buenos Aires, one of my peers came back with a story about

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A New Site in San Jose for Breeze of Innovation


Plaza de Cesar Chavez Photo: ©xAtsukex


The City of San Jose has finally reach a consensus on a site for Breeze of Innovation, the winning entry in the city’s recent Urban Confluence competition. Urban Confluence Silicon Valley announced they have made the important decision to consider building Breeze of Innovation at Plaza

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The Architect of GSA’s Finest Hour


Edward A. Feiner, FAIA (1947-2022)



Nothing is a boon to architecture more than a knowledgeable patron. And one of the foremost “patrons” of architecture in modern societies is government—at its various levels. Our federal government’s role in this is carried out mainly by the General Services Administration (GSA), which oversees the

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Grimshaw wins Nyugati Railway Station Competition

Aerial view ©Grimshaw Architects


After the conclusion of the second stage of the Nyugati Railway Station Competition, Grimshaw Architects has been declared the winner. This conclusion was reached by a jury after twelve teams had been shortlisted from the initial stage of the competition in an RfQ process. The shortlisted firms were:

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David Adjaye’s U.K. Holocaust Memorial Cancelled


Image ©David Adjaye

After numerous protests by preservationists, who maintained that they had no problem with the idea of a Holocaust Memorial, but that the site next to Westminster Abbey was wrong, the High Court sided with the opposition and quashed the £100M project won by London architect, David Adjaye. Our article about

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Ottawa Parliamentary Precinct Renewal Competition Presentations


On Monday, April 10 from 10am to 1pm (EDT) you can view the presentations of six firms shortlisted as finalists for the above competition. From this list, you may see that it should be interesting, especially for students that endeavor to be in a similar situation someday. The presentations will all be in

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