A New Site in San Jose for Breeze of Innovation


Plaza de Cesar Chavez  Photo: ©xAtsukex


The City of San Jose has finally reach a consensus on a site for Breeze of Innovation, the winning entry in the city’s recent Urban Confluence competition. Urban Confluence Silicon Valley announced they have made the important decision to consider building Breeze of Innovation at Plaza de Cesar Chavez instead of Arena Green. This decision was made because of challenges associated with Arena Green including environmental concerns with the riparian corridor, regulatory challenges, and air traffic noise. After re-visiting all publicly owned and privately owned sites in and around downtown San Jose, the board of directors came to the unanimous conclusion that Plaza de Cesar Chavez, the cultural and historic center of downtown San José, is the best location for Breeze of Innovation.

It is our understanding that Plaza de Cesar Chavez was originally the second choice before Arena Green was chosen as the site for the competition. When asked about the change, the architect of the winning design among over 900 entries, Fernando Jerez of SMAR Architecture Studio in Perth, Australia, said that he was in full agreement with the decision, having had a preference for the Plaza de Cesar Chavez as a site from the very beginning. 


Breeze of Innovation Arena Green site Image ©SMAR


With the number of Fortune 500 companies located in or near San Jose, one might assume that financing might not be such a momentous task. It did take years for the St. Louis Arch to get built. Let’s hope that the stars are more favorable to the organizers who put in so much time and effort into this project.  -Ed