New Secondary School in Überlingen, Germany


Sponsor: City of Überlingen, Germany
Type: RfQ, EU, EWR/GPA, anonymous
Fee: none
Language: German
Eligibility: Architects and Landscape Architects
Nine firms have already been designated to participate. Another 16 will be allowed to participate in the competition stage based on their qualifications. Among other qualifications is the evidence of a completed similar project having a budget of at least €5M, all of which must have been completed after 1 January 2014.
In the event that more than 16 firms submit adequate qualifications, a lottery will ensue to determine participation. 
17 June 2024 – Deadline for RfQ submission
23 September 2024 – Deadline for competition entry submission
7 October 2024 – Submission of model

Each participant will receive €4,000 for their competition stage submission
An existing building on the school campus in Überlingen is to be demolished and a new five-stream secondary school is to be built in timber or timber hybrid construction with approx. 7,500 square meters of floor space, incorporating an existing building. 

For submission details:

Address for submission of documents.