Changdong Station Transit Complex Center International Competition



Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation aims to create a new concept of mixed-use facility at the District 2 site within the Changdong Urban Development Zone, integrating public transportation transit facilities, apartment buildings, office facilities, and commercial facilities. In order to select the optimal design plan in terms of functionality, architectural innovation, and socio-economic aspects to promote urban regeneration and achieve residential welfare, we are announcing a call for designers

Project Summary
Location: Changdong 1-29, Dobong-gu, Seoul (District 2 in the Changdong Urban Development Area)
Site Area: 8,320.96
Estimated Construction Cost : KRW 318,748,000,000 (USD245M) including VAT
– The participant must plan the project within the estimated construction cost.
– The estimated construction cost covers only the project site and does not include construction cost for pedestrian system that connects to surrounding facilities of the site.
– Design Fee: KRW 5,594,490,000 including VAT
– Design period: 12 months from the date of the contract (April 2024~ April 2025)


Scope of Design
– Schematic Design, Design Development (Securing official permits): Design documents (architecture, civil engineering, mechanical, information & communications, landscape, fire protection) to reasonably reflect the requirements of the promoter and the competition design and technical proposal ideas.
– Delivery of Design Development documents for technical proposal bidding: To be completed within 6 months after the contract (Contractors including the architectural firm for construction documents will be selected through technical proposal bidding for Design Development.)
– Implementation of design intention: Performing post-design management tasks after Design Development until the completion of construction (separate contract)
The fee will be calculated and reflected based on the cost reimbursement system.


(1) This competition is open to both Korean and foreign architects (Licensed Architects). (An architect refers to a professional who is licensed by related regulations of one’s country).
– Foreign architect’s license holders cannot participate in this competition alone, but have to join a team with a Korean architect’s license holder as a representative.
(2) Notes on the Joint Application
– In the case of a joint application, the joint organization shall be composed of no more than three companies, and the minimum share of each member shall be 5% or more. Among them, the person with the highest participation rate in the architectural design sector shall be the representative of the joint application, and the share of the representative of the joint application shall be 40% or more.
– In case of joint application, the representative has all the legal right, responsibility, obligation related to this competition.”
– The representative of the joint application team must be a person who possesses an architect’s license under Architects Act of the Republic of Korea as of the date of registration and has completed the registration of an architect’s office according to the same law.
– The members of the joint organization cannot be changed after the winner is determined. However, if it is difficult to fulfill the contract due to insolvency after the contract, it can be changed in consultation with the promoter.
– It is possible to form a joint organization for license supplementation (Information & Communications, Fire protection design) when contracting after winning the competition.

(3) Restrictions on the registration
– As of the deadline for registration for participation in the design competition, persons who have received a registration revocation, temporary closure , suspension of business, or other similar administrative action from the relevant authorities are not eligible to apply.
– Duplicate registration to this competition is not allowed for any individual or corporate body.
– A solely registered entrant is not allowed to submit an entry jointly with others.

3. Competition Registration
Registration deadline: Dec. 29, 2023 17:00 (Korea time) Dec. 28, 2023 (EST)
Registration: Seoul Design Competition official website ‘Project Seoul’ (
– Inquiries: Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation (Tel: 02-3410-7951)


4. Schedule
Registration Fri, Dec 29, 2023 17:00 Registration on the competition website
Competition Briefing – Thur, Jan 4, 2024 (Time and venue to be announced later)
Q&A deadline: Fri, Jan 5, 2024 (Use the bulletin board on the competition website)
Answers to Submitted Questions: Fri, Jan 12, 2024
All answers to be published on the Competition website
Submission of Entries: Wed, Feb 28, 2024 09:00 ~ 17:00 (Korea time) 
(Should submit the entry by uploading on the competition website)
– Announcement of the Jury Wed, Feb 28, 2024, 18:00 (The list to be published on the competition website)
– Petition for Exclusion Thur, Feb 29 ~ Mon, Mar 4, 2024 17:00
– Technical Evaluation
To review violations based on the competition guidelines, and related laws,
Entrants are allowed to have time to prepare explanatory responses
– Stage2 Thur, Mar 7, 2024 materials.
Main Evaluation – Stage1 Thur, Mar 14, 2024
Evaluation of digital panels and design description

Stage2 Thur, Mar 28, 2024
Submission of presentation video and model
– Presentation video watching, Q&A sessionAnnouncement of Winners Mon, Apr 1, 2024 – To be announced on the competition website
5. Submission
– Submission details: see the Design Competition Guidelines
6. Selection of Winners
– Winner and Honorable Mentions (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
(Refer to the Design Competition Guidelines for details)
7. Jury Committee
Jury Members: Wed, Feb 28, 2024, 18:00 (The list to be published on the competition website)
The chair of the jury (overseas) will be announced on the competition website as soon as he/she is selected.

8. For more information about the design competition, please refer to the materials posted on the Seoul Design Competition website and the website of the Seoul Housing & Communities


Seoul Design Competition website: Project Seoul (

Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation website: