New Plan for Railway Depot Area in Trnava, Slovakia


Sponsor/Contracting Authority: Municipality of Trnava, Slovakia
Type: Open, one-stage
Services: Architecture, landscape architecture, planning
Eligibility: EU./EWR
Fees: none
Languages: Czech, Slovak, English (all documentation)
28 November 2023 – Deadline for submission of proposals or requests to participate
1st place – €24 000 
2nd place – €18 000 
3rd place – €12 000 
The jury has the right to propose prizes for the participants in excess of the prizes awarded, totaling €12 000 in total.

Total prizes and rewards: €66,000

Names of selected jury members:
Ing. arch. Irakli Eristavi
Ing. arch. Jana Moravcová
Ing. Jana Moravičová
Ing. arch. Ondrej Horváth
Bc. Marcel Krajčo

The aim of the competition is to find and award the most suitable landscape architectural design of the former railway depot and repair halls of the Urban Park for alternative urban sports and culture, which will meet the requirements of the tender conditions and the assignment, and also to select the winning bidder, who will be awarded the subsequent contract for the supply of project documentation and author’s supervision after a successful direct negotiation procedure in accordance with Section 81 (h) of the Public Procurement Act.

The subject of the design competition is the elaboration of a landscape-architectural design for the transformation of the existing railway depot into an urban park designed primarily for alternative urban sports and culture Depot Urban / Skate Park, but at the same time providing a wide range of opportunities for quality leisure time for all social and age groups.

Official name: City of Trnava
Organisation Identification Number (IČO): 00313114
Postal address: Hlavná 1
City/Municipality: Trnava

Contact person: Radoslav Drobný
Phone: +421 917558404
Internet address: