5* Hotel Competition – DEADLINE! La Pointe du Bout, Martinique


Sponsor: Leaders Hotel Group

Location: Martinique, Caribbean Type: International, RfQ, two-stage Process: Shortlisting procedure with three firms designated to participate in the second, competition stage Fee: None Budget: $40M Languages: English, French, Spanish Timetable 25 March 2020 – Submission deadline for RfQs 31 May 2020 – Design submissions Jury: TbD

Challenge: Created in 1986

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Houston Endowment Competition


View to winning entry ©KDA


Foundation non-profits are no strangers to good architecture. Ford Foundation’s forward-looking headquarters in New York City by Roche Dinkeloo was an early example of a non-profit using architecture as a vehicle for serving to brand it as a progressive institution. In 2001 the California Endowment went one

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Prince Charles in the White House?

Expressway toll booth of the future ©Paul Spreiregen


Recent news about a new U.S. government policy concerning the design of public buildings under President Trump bears a striking resemblance to the controversy surrounding that very issue in the U.K. in the second half of the 20thcentury. It was then that Prince Charles appeared

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Third Q-City International Young Designer Competition (China-Handan)

Sponsor: Hebei Provincial Development of Housing & Urban-Rural Development, Development of Natural Resources of Hebei Province Type: Open, one-stage, international Fee: none Languages: The official languages of the competition are Chinese and English (English must be included in the language of title and main design description). Chinese and English drawings are required by Chinese competitors;

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Tottenham Pavilion

Sponsors: Carolina Khouri in partnership with local organizations Type: Open, one-stage, international Fee: none Language: English Eligibility: Architects, artists, innovators and imaginators Timetable: 8 March 2020 – Registration deadline (Competition brief available upon registration) Awards:

Both winning and shortlisted designs will be on display at the London Festival of Architecture 1-30 June 2020. Design Challenge:

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Runway for Your Imagination


Sponsor/organizer: Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (URA) Type: open, ideas (two categories) Language: English Fees: None Timetable: 27 March 2020 – Submission deadline Awards: Open category 1st$5,000 2nd4,000 3rd3,000

Tertiary (student) category 1st$3,000 2nd2,000 3rd1,000

Design Challenge: The site was Singapore’s second international airport from 1955 to 1981 and is currently used as a

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Reimagining Brooklyn Bridge

Photo: Cameron Blaylock


Sponsor: Van Alen Institute

Type: open, ideas, two-stage

Language: English

Fees: None

Eligibility: The competition has two categories: “Professionals,” for teams 22 years of age and above, and “Young Adults,” for teams 21 years of age and under.

Three finalists from each category will be selected by an interdisciplinary

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2020 Airport of the Future Design Competition



Sponsor: Fentress Architects

Type: Open, student, international Fee: none Language: English Eligibility: Open to architects and engineers enrolled in a graduate or undergraduateaccrediteddegree program Timetable: 31 July 2020 – Submission deadline Awards: 1stPlace – USD15,000 2ndPlace – USD3,000 3rdPlace – USD2,000 2 People’s Choice Awards – USD1,000 Jury: TbD Design challenge; Entrants in

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Pre’s Rock Memorial



Origanizers: Portland Track + SERA Architects

Type: Open, ideas, one-stage Fee: None Timetable: 24 April 2020 – Registration Deadline 1 May 2020 – Submission Deadline 30 May 2020 – Awards Announced

Awards: Gold – $2000 Silver – $1000 Bronze – $500 Jury: • Tinker Hatfield – Nike • Jeff Kovel – Skylab Architecture

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New Art Gallery of Nova Scotia



Sponsor: Province of Nova Scotia Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia Type: International, RfQ, two-stage Process: Shortlisting procedure with three firmsdesignated to participate in the second, competition stage Fee: None Budget: CAD 70M Language: English Timetable 18 February 2020 – Submission deadline for RfQs Jury: TbD

Challenge: The new, iconic art gallery and vibrant public

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