2020 Airport of the Future Design Competition



Sponsor: Fentress Architects

Type: Open, student, international
Fee: none
Language: English
Eligibility: Open to architects and engineers enrolled in a graduate or undergraduateaccrediteddegree program
31 July 2020 – Submission deadline
1stPlace – USD15,000
2ndPlace – USD3,000
3rdPlace – USD2,000
2 People’s Choice Awards – USD1,000
Jury: TbD
Design challenge;
Entrants in FGC: Airport of the Future 2020 are challenged to envision the terminal building of year 2100. All manner of responses are encouraged—from highly speculative visions to more practical adaptations of current solutions. Governing the responses are five guidelines:

  • Create a new airport terminal concept. Entrants are encouraged to utilize forecasts for population, environmental conditions, modes of travel, and potential destinations in the creation of their concept.
  • Employ Fentress’ Touchstone 2: Use Context to Create Identity. “Context is more than an intellectual consideration of the history or physical appearance of a neighborhood, city, or state, and it’s more than the way new will live with old. Context draws on the senses, the sights, smells and memories that define a place and make it unique. Context grows from community, and people respond to it.” For more on Fentress’ Eight Touchstones of Design:https://fentressarchitects.com/design-philosophy.
  • Improve upon at least one primary factor influencing airport terminal building design in 2100. Entrants are encouraged to make projections about the factors that will most influence airport architecture in the future. Examples of factors include mobility, urbanization, globalization, technology, flexibility, security, project feasibility, and passenger experience.
  • Achieve sustainability and resiliency. Sustainable design is the creation of places that are environmentally responsible, healthy, equitable, and profitable. Resilient designs are capable of adapting to changing conditions and maintain or regain functionality in the face of natural and manmade disasters.
  • Site the new terminal at one of the world’s 20 busiest airports as of 2018 by passenger volume.
  • The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2020. A first-round jury, announced in the coming months and comprised of distinguished experts from multiple industries, will shortlist fifteen (15) designs from which a second-round jury will select the three finalists. First place will receive US$15,000 in cash and prizes. Four additional entires will also receive cash awards.

For more information and to register, visit: https://www.fentressglobalchallenge.com