International Competition for the Chung-ju National Museum

Sponsor: National Museum of Korea, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Location: Korea
Type: International, open
Eligibility: Registered architects, corporations
Fees: none
Languages: English and Korean
Registration deadline: 7 October 2021
Q&A deadline: 7 October 2021
Submission deadline: 24 November 2021

Announcement of jury results: 7 Dec. 2021
• Winner has the right to design development and construction documents, and the details of awards are as follows.
• 2nd prize (1 team): 40 million KRW (US$34,000)
• 3rd place (1 team): 30 million KRW
• 4th place (1 team): 20 million KRW
• 5th place (1 team): 10 million KRW
• William Horgan, Partner, Grimshaw Architects
• Sven Shockey, Design Director, Smith Group
• Seungsoo Shin, Principal, DESIGNGROUP OZ Architects
• Kihyun Ahn, Professor, Hanyang University
• Seounghyun Yoon, Professor, Chung-ang University
• Changgyun Kim, Principal, UTAA Company
Project Budget
 – Estimated construction cost : 25,427 million (including VAT)
 – Estimated design fee : 1,463 million (including VAT, Certification fees(2-15 for details), related service expenses)
 – Estimated construction cost for exhibition : 5,537 million (To be ordered separately)
Design Challenge:
* Site and Scope of Design
– Location: 533, 600 Geumneung-dong, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbukdo
– Site Area: 20,000m2
– Area/District: Urban Area, Natural Green Area, Tourist District, Flight Safety Zone(District 6), Historical and Cultural Preservation Area
– Gross Floor Area: 9,635m2
– Usage: Culture and Assembly Facility (Exhibition)
– Building Coverage ratio: 20% or less (Building Area 4,000m² or less)
– Floor Area Ratio: 80% or less (Gross Floor Area for Floor Area Ratio calculation: 16,000m² or less)
– Height: Height restrictions according to the Military Bases and Military Facilities Protection Act (review required)

Competition website: