Treblinka Museum Competition

Sponsor: Treblinka Museum
Type: open,
Eligibility: EU/EWR
Language: Polish
7 September 2021 – Expressions of Interest deadline
Jury: Polish architects and experts in museum design
Design Challenge:
The aim of the competition is to obtain the best architectural and urban concept in terms of architecture, space, functionality and utility for the task entitled “Construction of an exhibition and educational facility” on the premises of the Treblinka Museum. German Nazi extermination camp and labor camp (1941-1944) in the area indicated in the Regulations as the scope of the competition study.  There is a need to erect a new museum building with an exhibition and educational character
Address of client:
Muzeum Treblinka. Niemiecki nazistowski obóz zagłady i obóz pracy (1941-1944) Wólka Okrąglik 115, 08-330 Kosów Lacki