Prague Philharmonic Hall Competition –


Deadline Set for Receipt of Expressions of Interests!



Sponsor: City of Prague, Czech Republic
Location: near Vltavská Metro station, Prague
Type: Open, international, RfQ
Eligibility: architects, landscape architects, etc.
Languages: English
Fees: none
Preliminary Timetable:
30 September 2021 – RfQ deadline
October 2021 – Evaluation of portfolios
March 2022 – Design Submission deadline
2027 – Beginning of construction
2031 – Project completion
Estimated cost of Project; CZK 6.1 billion (approx.USD 283M)
Jury: TbD


Project site


Why does Prague need a new Philharmonie?
There has been no new concert hall for symphonic music in Prague for more than 100 years. The newest, Smetana Hall in the Municipal House, was opened at the end of 1912. The Dvořák Hall of Rudolfinum is even older, dating back to 1885. Although both halls have been renovated, they are still rather historic. Not only do they fail to conform to the demands of the 21st century, but in addition, they do not meet most of the requirements for symphonic music.

The implementation of this concert hall project will be a major impulse for the development of the new Prague city center. It offers plenty of possibilities for the realization of an interesting construction and also for new cultural and architectural landmarks of the city.

Prague’s ambition is to promote itself not only as a city of monuments, but also as a center of inspirational live cultural events. The implementation of the new Vltava Philharmonic Hall significantly strengthens and supports these ambitions.

The Vltava Philharmonic Hall will be a lively and open space serving Prague residents on a daily basis but also a place regularly visited by people from other parts of the Czech Republic.

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