Europan 16

Sponsor: Europan 

Locations: Multiple
Type: Open, ideas EU
Fee: none
(Europan differs from other ideas competitions in that an implementation process can follow)

Eligibility: Young EU architects under 40 years
Europan 16 is open to any team consisting of at least one graduated architect, who may be in association with one or more professionals of the same or related disciplines within the architectural, urban and landscape field (such as architects, urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, artists) or from other relevant fields (such as sociology, geography, biology) and may further be associated with one or more students with a bachelor degree or equivalent (3 years of study) in architecture or related disciplines. The team may also have one or more contributors, who are not considered authors of the project. Every team member must be under the age of 40 years old on the closing date for submission of projects.
There is no limit to the number of participants per team. Multidisciplinary teams are strongly recommended with regards to the sites’ issues.
One team can submit a project on different sites in different countries with participation limited to one site in the same country.
Submission: Sept. 17th, 2021 (before 23:59 pm UTC+2)
Results: Dec. 20th, 2021

There is no registration deadline (same than submission)
Digital submission is compulsory. It includes the 3 A1 panels (visual elements), a 4 pages illustrated text (max) explaining the link between the project and the theme of the ongoing session as well as the implementation and building processes of the project, also documents proving the eligibility of the team members and finally documents for the communication of the project.

Winner (1st prize) = 12 000€

Runner-up (2nd prize) = 6000 €

A Special Mention can be awarded to a project considered innovative although not completely adapted to the site.
Design Challenge:
Living Cities – Metabolic Vitalities / Inclusive Vitalities.

In the conditions of the Anthropocene –a new bio-geological period where human activities on the global scale have a destructive impact on life on earth– how to face climate change and inequalities? How to imagine other possibilities to inhabit the planet Earth? The Europan 16 topic focuses on living cities as a new paradigm, in which new kinds of synergies can be considered between the environmental, biological, social, economic, cultural and political dimensions. This paradigm leads us to think in terms of co-evolution and interactions, and to work with regenerative project dynamics, combining metabolic and inclusive vitalities.
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