The New Jongno-gu Government Complex Design Competition


Sponsor: Seoul Metropolitan Government Jongno-gu

Location: Seoul, South Korea

Type: Open, international

Language: Korean, English

Fee: None

Eligibility: Both Korean and foreign licensed architects can participate, and one team can be made of up to three architects but one appointed representative should carry out the registration.

20 August 2020 – Registration deadline
27 August – Submission deadline

First Prize – Commission to develop design
Second Prize – 80,000,000 KRW (about $66,700 US)
Third Prize – 60,000,000 KRW (about $50,000 US)
Fourth Prize – 40,000,000 KRW (about $33,300 US)
Fifth Prize – 20,000,000 KRW (about $17,000 US)


• Kim Dong-Jin – Hongik University / architecture
• Yongmi Kim – GEUMSUNG Architects & Associates
• Junsung, Kim – Graduate school of architecture, Konkuk University / architecture
• Insoo Park – PARKiz
• Hyun Seo – Seoul Nat'l Univ.
• Na-Kyoung Yu – Principal, Place Making Associates Co.
• Kwanseok Lee – Kyung Hee University
• Kiok Lee – PHILLIP Architects
• Chung Kee Lee – University of Seoul
• KIM, Hyundai – Preparatory Jury


Design Challenge:

This competition aims to select a future-oriented and sustainable proposal for the governmental office complex that will accommodate both memory of the past as well as futuristic creativity. It will be constructed on the current Jongno-gu Office site which has many historical and cultural layers in order to enhance working efficiency and to create a public and community space for residents of Jongno-gu.


The site of the Jongno-gu Office is of great historical value. It is presumed to be the home of Jeong Do-jeon, a founding contributor of the Joseon Dynasty. In addition, several historical and cultural resources and historical spaces linked to both the Joseon and modern eras are concentrated and distributed around this area. On the east side of the site are modern middle and high-rise buildings, and beyond that are buildings that maintain the traditional architecture and horizontal form of the Joseon Dynasty.


Site summary:

• Site Area: 8,622.3m²
• Total Floor Area: 66,970m² (Total Floor Area and each program area can be changed within ±3% of required area)
• Estimated construction cost: KRW 168,161 million (approx $140,428,520 US)
• Design Cost: KRW 8,904 million, including VAT and Securities for Damage Liability (approx $7,436,950 US)

Available Materials:
The following materials are provided on official website and only registered entrants can have access:

•Design Competition Guidelines (Korean and English)
•[Attachment] Detailed Guideline of Programs (Korean and English) •Forms (design description cover form, relevant documents, etc.)
•Task Instruction (Korean)
•Project Site Digital Map
•Site Survey Drawing (* Surveyed as of 2015, and the surrounding condition may differ slightly)
•Drawings of main building of Jongno-gu Office (plan, elevation, section, and structural plan)
•Safety Inspection Report of main building (Korean)
•Abbreviated report on the first and second drilling investigation of buried cultural properties (Korean)
•Maintenance plan decision
•Breakdown on design service cost
•Report on the actual status of preservation values including signboards and monuments (Korean)
•Drawings of temporary land dividing line
•Link to the project site of the 3D spatial information system in Seoul
•Construction Documents for underground public pedestrian passage connected to Gwanghwamun Station related to Urban Environment Improvement Project in Cheongjin District

Submission of Entries:

Each entry can submit only one design entry. Both digital and physical materials are required:

• Digital Submission: All entries are to be submitted as digital files on official website ( within the deadline.
• Submission by personal delivery or per post: All entries and models should be submitted by personal delivery or per post to the designated submission address within the deadline. Materials include full size projects boards and a scale model.


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