Concordia Lighthouse Competition

Sponsor: matterbetter

Location: Italy

Type: Open, ideas, 1 stage, international

Language: English

Eligiblity: Architects, students, engineers, and designers are invited to participate in the competition. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Entrance Fee: none


1st place: 3000 EUR + certificate
2nd place: 2000 EUR + certificate

3rd place: 1000 EUR + certificate

17 May 2015 – Registration deadline
24 May 2015 – Submissions deadline
Design Challenge: matterbetter is inviting young architects, designers, artists and students from around the world to participate in the international open-ideas Concordia Lighthouse Competition. The competition aims to investigate the contemporary typology of the lighthouse architecture, its metaphoric and symbolic components based around the Costa Concordia disaster, when one of the largest cruise ships in the world has ran aground on the coast of the Giglio Island in Italy resulting in the loss of 32 lives.
Participants are asked to redefine a contemporary lighthouse typology and take into consideration advances in technology, development of sustainable systems and its metaphorical value which has made it one of the most inspiring structures in the world. Lighthouse design should become a tribute to the Costa Concordia Disaster and highlight the vulnerable borders between the elements of Land and Sea, Sky and Ground, Light and Darkness. Even today when global positioning systems diminish the role of the lighthouses, they still play and important role and are inalienable parts of the marine navigation tradition.

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