Tours & Saint-Pierre-des-Corps

Sponsor: l’Institut pour la ville en mouvement

Location: Tours, France

Type: Open, two stage, international

Languages: French, English

Eligibility: The competition is intended for teams of at least two people, at least one of whom is qualified in urban design (architect, urban planner, landscape architect…). All the members of the team must be aged under 40 at the deadline for the submission of entries (March 20, 2015). Teams should be as multidisciplinary as possible (urban planners, landscape architects, researchers, artists, etc.).

Process: This is a two stage competition. 7 teams shortlisted at the end of the first stage will be invited to take part in an on-site workshop in order to develop their ideas and projects in relation to the context and in interaction with local actors (municipalities, conurbation, experts, inhabitants, shopping and business centres). At the end of the workshop, each project is presented at a feedback session during which the teams will seek to explain the objectives and methods of their passages proposal.

During the three weeks following the workshop, the teams will put their project together and send a final version consisting of an explanatory booklet (maximum 15 pages), two A0 format panels and a summary (maximum 4000 characters) to the following address: A nine member international jury will meet to analyse the 7 final projects and choose the winning project.

Awards: Each team chosen to take part in the workshop and which has submitted the required materials, will receive a payment of €1500 including VAT, and the cost of their travel, meals and accommodation will be covered by the organisers.

The competition winning team will receive a prize of €10,000, sufficient to complete all the project design tasks. The costs of implementation of its project on the identified site may not exceed €100,000 including VAT in 2016.

20 March 2015 – deadline for applications
10 April 2015 – announcement of the seven finalists
28 May-1 June 2015 – workshop in situ
22 June 2015 – final submissions

Design Challenge:

The city of Tours is crossed by the A10 highway partly on elevated sections, a railway line, to waterways and a secondary street network.

The challenge: how to revitalise the connections at the metropolitan scale and between Tours and Saint-Pierre-des-Corps while keeping the A10 motorway in service?

The competition “what if the A10 motorway opened up (an) urban passage(s)?” is a call for urban and architectural project ideas on the topic of passages. “Zoning-based planning and big mono-functional infrastructures have helped to create new barriers, sometimes uncrossable, particularly for the most vulnerable (pedestrians, children, the elderly, the poor, foreigners). What types of new passages can be designed as shortcuts, transition spaces, to facilitate access to different centres of urban life, at a time when citydwellers are asking for more quality, more attention to individual needs, open space with more character, faster and more comfortable access to the city, particularly on foot.”

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