Cool School Design Competition – Design for an Extreme Climate

Sponsor: Building Trust International

Location: Mongolia

Type: Open, international

Languages: English

Eligibility: Open to all. Submissions can be the work of an individual or a group. There is no age limit. However, entrants under 18 years of age must be led or entered by someone over 18 years of age. Interdisciplinary teams are encouraged to enter the competition.


Early-bird: £50 (23rd Jan – 6th Feb)
Advance: £75 (7th Feb – 27th Feb)
Final: £100 (28th Feb – 6th March)
(Free to those entering from a developing
Awards: Winning design will be built in Khovd, Mongolia
6 March 2015 – Final registration deadline
3 April 2015 – Submissions deadline

Design Challenge: The Building Trust 6th international design competition is now open, seeking an innovative school design proposal that can withstand the extreme Mongolian climate. The competition challenges architects, designers and engineers to provide a design solution which has the chance to shape the future of school buildings across cold regions globally. Contestants should consider environmental conditions, materials, space, comfort, accessibility, adaptability and aesthetics. Building Trust will work alongside competition partners, World Vision, local government and the school community in Khovd, Mongolia to build the winning school design.

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