PINGDI 1.1 Solutions for a Low Carbon City and Architecture

Sponsors: Shenzhen Public Art Center; Planning and Construction Management Office of Shenzhen International Low-Carbon City; Shenzhen SEZ Construction and Development Co.

Type: Open, international, Expressions of Interest

Fee: None

Language: English


All domestic or overseas universities/ research institutes are eligible. Preference will be given to those with experience in green and low carbon projects. Every research team needs to be led by at least one teaching or professional staff still in service of that university/ institute.


14 February 2015 – Registration deadline

2 April 2015 – Competition brief available for Architectural design contest for Land lot 05-01 and 05-03 (separate competition!)

15 May 2015 – Submission deadline

10 June 2015 – Exhibition and Conference in Shenzhen


The shortlisted, participating teams will each receive 50,000 RMB ($8,000) for expenses.

Competition format:

The location of the initial competition is a 1 site as pilot zone in Shenzhen. Design institutes interested in the competition are encouraged to participate the workshops and discussions throughout the project. For workshop information, please check the Topic page of the Center’s website or contact by phone for details (Contact person: Yang and Chen. Contact number: 0755-83243435).

Design Challenge:

The total planning area for Shenzhen International Low Carbon City is approximately 53 square kilometers, within which the five square kilometers surrounding Gaoqiao Yuan area is the expansion area around the core. The core of ILCC covers approximately one square kilometer as the pilot zone. A total floor area of 1,800,000 square meters is expected to be built in eight years. The pilot zone of the Shenzhen ILCC lies at Gaoqiao area on PINGDI Street, Longgang District. It runs along the Dingshan River and covers the area north to Huanlong Avenue (north pathway), west to Jiaoyu Road North, east to Gaoqiao Road and the area within the ecological line of the surrounding mountains. The contest aims at collecting the cutting-edge urban design philosophy and innovative ideas towards future land development.

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