MH17 Memorial + Park Ideas Competition

Sponsor: matterbetter


Registration Deadline: 21 December 2014

Submission Deadline: 5 January 2015

Design Challenge: An international open ideas competition for architects and students is initiated to remember and honor the victims of the MH17 tragedy. This man-made tragedy has influenced thousands of lives in direct or indirect manner across the entire world. Most of all this tragedy has affected the Netherlands – the Dutch nation that lost 193 souls in this catastophe. Therefore Amsterdam, the departure point of this one way flight, was selected as a location for the MH17 Memorial.

It was decided that the MH17 Memorial site will accomodate a landscape park in addition to its main purpose in order to become a green axis that will connect the Old Center and the North of Amsterdam and strengthen the location that is reclaimed from the water – symbolizing traditional collaboration of the Dutch people with the nature.

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