Boston Living with Water

Sponsors: The Boston Harbor Association, City of Boston, Boston Redevelopment Authority, and Boston Society of Architects

Phase 1 Submission deadline – 29 January 2015
Phase 2 Submission deadline – 15 May 2015
Design Challenge:

Boston Living with Water is an international call for design solutions envisioning a  more resilient, more sustainable, and more beautiful Boston adapted for end-of-the-century climate conditions and rising sea levels.

The competition seeks leading planners, designers, and thinkers to help the City of Boston and area businesses and residents develop and apply new concepts and strategies, including Living with Water design principles, to increase the City’s sustainability and climate change resiliency.  Selected Finalists will further advance location-specific solutions to coastal flood dangers and rising sea levels that are beautiful and replicable.

Boston Living with Water is a two-stage planning and design competition. The first stage is an open international call for proposals seeking site-specific planning and design solutions from multi-expertise competition teams.

The Jury will review design proposals and will select a limited number of finalists for each site. The second stage is a finalist competition for the selected teams to further develop and refine their proposals. The jury will review final proposals and award prizes for each site.

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