Bamiyan Cultural Center, Afghanistan

Sponsors: UNESCO, Ministry of Culture of Afghanistan, Republic of Korea

Type: International, open, one-stage

Fee: None

Language: English

Eligibility: One team member must be a registered architect


22 January 2014 (23:59 GMT) – Deadline for submissions


Winning Entry: 25,000 US$

4 Runner-ups: 8,000 US$ each

Budget: 2.5M US$


• Zahra Breshna, Architect (Afghanistan)
• Ajmal Maiwandi, Architect (Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Afghanistan)
• Young Joon Kim, Architect (Korea)
• Robert Know, Curator (U.K.)
• Elizabeth O’Donnell, Architect (Cooper Union, USA)
• An international architec
• Memberof International council on Monuments and Sites

Design Challenge:

The purpose of the project is to promote heritage safe-guarding and cross-cultural awareness, and thereby contribute to the broader aims of reconciliation, peace-building and economic development in the country.

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

• Create an innovative design.
• Create a vital centre for the cultural community of Bamiyan allowing individuals to commune and share ideas.
• Integrate the Bamiyan Valley view into the building design and create a positive visual impact on the Cultural Landscape of Bamiyan Valley.
• Integrate an environmentally conscious design, which in the Bamiyan context should consider locally resourced materials, climate and efficiency.
• Connect to the historical context of the World Heritage property.

For more information, and to enter: