Helsinki Highrise: Design-Build Competition for a Prime Location In Helsinki, Finland

Sponsors: City of Helsinki, Nation of Finland

Type: International, Architect/Developer


26 November 2014 – Registration for Seminar

Autumn, 2015 – Competition begins

Site: Pasila district near the city center

Project size:

The project should contain 8–10 towers of at least 15 stories. A total of 1–2 high-rise buildings should be realized for the start-up area. The right to build will cover 20,000–35,000 square meters of floor-space. In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to purchase the rights to build in what is designated as the option area – totaling 40,000–60,000 square meters of floor space.

The winner of this design-build competition will be selected on the basis of the quality of the plan. The winning developer will be able to purchase the right to develop in a designated starting area and build a complete project there in accordance with their plan.

Information sessions

A seminar will be arranged on 3 December 2014 for those interested in participating in the Helsinki High-rise competition. The full-day seminar will take place in the YLE (Finland’s national public service broadcasting company) auditorium in Pasila, in the vicinity of the competition area.

The seminar will provide information on Helsinki and the Pasila area from several perspectives. We will discuss Helsinki as a business environment, the development of the Pasila area located near the city centre, and the significant investments that are being started in the area. The seminar will present information on the content of the upcoming competition.

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