Planetary Urbanism – Critique of the Present in the Medium of Information Design

Sponsor: ARCH+ Journal; Federal Foreign Office, Germany

Type: Open, international, ideas

Location: Germany

Languages: English, German

Eligiblity: The competition is intended for:
• Designers from the fields of architecture, urban and regional planning, environmental planning, graphic, product and media design, statistics, cartography, photography, film and the visual arts
• Scientists from the fields of art and cultural theory, art education, information and communication sciences, social sciences, economics, environmental sciences and geosciences
• Students from both of the above fields.

Cooperation between designers and scientists in interdisciplinary teams isrecommended.

Entrance Fee: None

Awards: € 20,000 total prize money

Registration Deadline: 1 July, 2015

Submission Deadline: 15 July, 2015

Jury: International Jury consisting of different professionals:
Architect / Urbanist
Social Scientist / Economist
Graphic designer
Representative of the Federal Foreign Office, Germany
Representative of theWBGU
Representatives of the ARCH+ Editors

Design Challenge: On the basis of empirical material, of data and facts, visualisations should be developed that:
• cast light on the current problems of the urbanisation process
• indicate strategies in the approach to these problems
• and that, as far as can be discerned, present more advanced concepts
The presentation should thereby look behind the facts and clarify coherencies and trends. The presentation should visually display spatial and temporal circumstances and trace the forces driving their development. To master the task, all techniques of visual representation and pictorial media can be employed, but a coherent overall concept should be recognizable in the selection, transformation and presentation of the information.

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