Lesser Town Square in Prague

Sponsor: City of Prague

Type: open, international

Languages: Czech and English


14 July 2014 – End of Q&A period

5 September 2014 – Submission deadline (15:00 hrs)


1st prize – CZK 200,000 ($10,000)

2nd prize – CZK 140,000 ($7,000)

3rd prize – CZK 80,000 ($4,000)


• Prof. dipl. arch. Miroslav Sik

• Prof. Dr. Rostislav Svácha

• Ing. Tomás Novotný
• Ing. arch. Antonín Novák

• Ing. arch. Petr Hlavácek

• Ing. Václav Novotný

• Ing. Jakub Dvorák
• Mgr. Jirí Skalický
• Ing. akad. arch. Jan Sépka

Design Challenge:

The subject of the competition is the preparation of a conceptual architectural and urbanistic design for the revitalisation of Lesser Town Square.
The goal of the square’s revitalisation is to create a public open space of a representative and rest- ful character commensurate with its significance as one of Prague’s most important squares, which must include parking at a level in accordance with this character.

The goal of the conceptual architecture competiti- on is to define the potential of the public space of the square.

The reduction of traffic should be considered with a reduction in the number of parking spaces in stages. In the case of a fundamental reduction of parking spaces, it is desirable for the contenders to propose at the conceptual level the possibility of relocating parking spaces to connecting localities.

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