WHO Headquarters Building Extension, Geneva

Sponsor: World Health Organization

Type: International, open, two-stage

Fee: none

Languages: English and French

Eligibility: Architects licensed to practice in their country


8 August 2014 – Q&A period deadline

19 September 2014 – End of registration period

19 October 2014 – Deadline for Stage One submission


Total of CHF 320,000 available for 5-7 ranked entries, in addition to possible purchases. Compensation of CHF 12,000 will be awarded to each selected entry, provided it complies with the program regulations upon submission. Awards may be given to the First Stage submissions, which do not advance to the Second Stage. The Expert Jury consists of 13 members. Of those, the architects represented are:

Dominique Perrault, Chair (France)
Bernard Tschumi (U.S.A.)
Momoyo Kaijima (Japan)
Diébédo Francis Kéré (Burkina Faso)
Bernard Kouhry (Lebanon)
Francois de Marignac, (Switzerland)
Julia Zapata (Switzerland)
Isable Girault, Director, Urban Planning Department, Canton of Geneva

Design Challenge

Since WHO’s current headquarters was made operational in 1966, and to answer the Organization’s increasing need to develop its different activities, a number of temporary buildings have been constructed. They were designed and built in response to pressing needs arising from public health crises, without any architectural guidelines or urban planning.

The WHO/UNAIDS building, a symbol of the efforts put together by the international community in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, is the most recent building constructed at the WHO headquarters. This building was inaugurated in 2006 following an international design competition won by architects Baumschlager & Eberle. The WHO/UNAIDS building is the only one, apart from the Main Building, which is of architectural value and meets modern construction standards.

A short list of program data for the specified New Building:

• Construction of an extension of the headquarters, providing 770 work places within a gross floor area of 22,000 to 25,000 m2

• An underground garage with 500 to 700 parking spaces.

Questions in Stage One must be sent in writing to:

Rue de Varembé 9-11, CH – 1202 Genève, Switzerland

For more information and to enter, go to: