Museum of Non-Visible-Art (MoNA)

Sponsor: Praxis

Type: Open, international, two-stage

Language: English


Professionals – $100

Student teams – $60

Student – $30


31 January 2014 – Submission deadline

Jury: TBD


$20,000 First Prize

10 finalists will receive $1,000 each to develop their final proposal


After receipt of the proposals, the ten short-listed winners will be asked to explain and defend their work publicly before a panel of judges and an audience.

Design challenge:

Non-Visible art is made and has been sold through the Museum. The art is a title card with the description of the artwork. It goes up on an empty wall and the collector has to describe it to his/her friends. Based on the concept of the art that will be on view within the museum, how should it be designed? Can it and should it have physical form? Might there be a combination thereof, opening new possibilities? Is there a broader and deeper new definition of what an art museum “structure” might need to encompass? What is the future of the museum of art?

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