International Museum of Astronomy

Sponsor: Arquideas

Type: International, ideas, student

Languages: English, Spanish


Early Registration (through 29 November, 2013):
50 € individual registration
75 € team registration (from 2-4 members)

Regular Registration (30 November 2013 to 16 January 2014):

75 € individual registration

100 € team registration (from 2-4 members)


29 November 2013 – Early Registration deadline
16 January 2014 – Regular Registration deadline
31 January 2014 – Submissions deadline


Cazú Zegers – Architect at Cazú Zegers Arquitectura
Adrian Welch – e-Architect Editor in Chief
Pola Mora – Plataforma Arquitectura Editor in Chief
María Langarita – Project Professor at ETSA de Madrid y EPSA de Alicante
Viktor Nilsson – IGC Brussels Competition winner
Pierre Maccario – IGC Brussels Competition winner


First Prize – 3,750 Euros
Second Prize – 1,500 Euros
Third Prize – 625 Euros
Arquideas Special Prize – 500 Euros

Design challenge:

The objective of this competition for architecture students and young architects, the International Museum of Astronomy (IMOA) in Atacama (Chile), is to create a centre for lovers of Astronomical Tourism to learn and observe the sky. Whether in a professional or amateur capacity, this activity attracts thousands of tourists to Chile from other continents such as Europe, Asia or Australia, who want to experience the pleasure of discovering and learning about the celestial sphere.

The International Museum of Astronomy (IMOA) will not be a traditional museum, which merely displays objects and provides information, but rather it will focus on transmitting the science of astronomy through all means available, particularly interactivity and experimentation. The idea is to create a space that is open to public participation of all ages, a space that excites and inspires, a space that encourages perpetual curiosity.

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