Arquine International Architecture Competition #16

Sponsor: Arquine

Type: Open, international


Eligibility: Open to architects and architecture students all over the world. Teams, collective and individual participants are welcome. The groups may incorporate professionals or students from other disciplines so long as the team leader or representative is an architect or architecture student.


Early Registration (through 20 December, 2013): US $90

Regular Registration (21 December 2013 to 17 February 2014): US $120


24 February 2014 – Submissions deadline


1st Prize: $100,000 MNX (approx 7,780 USD)
2nd Prize: $60,000 MNX (approx 4,668 USD)
3rd Prize: $30,000 (approx 2,334 USD)

Design challenge:

The Arquine International Architecture Competition has been held since 1998 and aims to explore issues of significance and relevance for society as a whole, foster new platforms for dialogue and promote the involvement of architects in responding to specific problems, while encouraging local and international competition and participation. Over time it has become one of the design competitions in the field of architecture with the broadest scope and reach. 
On this occasion Arquine addresses an issue of timeless importance that will open up new possibilities of discussion, with an open, international call for entries for the design of the threshold between Tijuana and San Ysidro: the transit point that responds to the programmatic needs of those who cross the border here. At the same time it should be viewed as a point of reference of a monumental nature for the busiest border in the world.

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