Rochdale Town Center Competition

Sponsor: RIBA, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council, Places Matter!

Location: Rochdale, UK

Languages: English

Type: Open, international, 2 stage

Eligiblity: Open to architects, landscape designers/architects, urban designers and heritage professionals worldwide.   Entries from emerging designers are welcomed and encouraged and where appropriate this may require a collaborative approach. 

Registration Deadline: 

Submission Deadline: 10 September 2013

Awards: Stage 1 entries will be judged anonymously and five teams will shortlisted to proceed to the second stage with each receiving an honoraria payment of £3,000 +VAT
  • Charles Wilson, Architect & Town Planner. Also the Chair of the English Heritage Urban Panel and the Chair of the Bristol Urban Design Forum.
  • Annie Coombs, Chartered Landscape Architect
  • Mark Robinson, Chief Planning Officer, Planning and Regulation, RochdaleMBC
  • Colin Lambert, Leader of the Council, Rochdale MBC
  • Paul Clarke, Chair of the Rochdale Borough High Street Foundation.

Design Challenge: The competition challenges teams of urbanists worldwide to be inspired and inspire others in bringing life back to Rochdale’s streets.

The main focus of the competition is on the public realm and ginnels around the revealed River Roch as well as the historic bridge in the Butts. Entrants are invited to think about the wider influence and potential of their proposals in particular how the disjointed parts of the town centre may be reconnected. Rochdale MBC plan to reveal the Roch by opening sections of the river through The Butts and restoring the medieval bridge to transform the centre of Rochdale. The ‘discovery’ of the medieval bridge, unknowingly crossed by thousands of people every day is of the utmost significance and will instil a sense of pride, hope and identify for Rochdale. Design proposals are sought befitting of the historic backdrop to bring life and reconnect the streets of Rochdale. 

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