Student Competition for the Design of a University Residence Building

Sponsor: Ryerson University, the Design Exchange

Type: student, 1-stage

Language: English


21 September 2009 – competition begins

30 October 2009 – Registration Deadline Extension

28 December 2009 – submissions due

James Timberlake of KieranTimberlake (Philadelphia)
Anne Cormier of Atelier Big City (Montreal)
Ken Greenberg of Greenberg Consultants (Toronto)
Samantha Sannella of the Design Exchange (Toronto)
Kendra Schank Smith of Ryerson University’s program in architecture

Design Challenge:
Ryerson University, Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education, and the Design Exchange – the foremost agency promoting the importance of design to everyday life in Canada – are pleased to announce an international competition for the design of an exemplary, state-of-the-art university residence building. Submissions are sought from students enrolled in schools of architecture and the allied disciplines. The competition site is located on the campus of Ryerson University in downtown Toronto. The residence building is intended to provide housing and related facilities for a representative cross section of the University’s population, including students, faculty, staff, and visiting scholars. The site and competition brief call for creative thinking in terms of the conception of affordable, high-rise accommodation for university campuses situated in dense and somewhat edgy inner-city conditions.
Among other considerations, the competition brief asks students to reflect on and respond to the following questions: As the idea of the university has changed over time, has the idea of the university residence building changed along with it? Can the design of a university residence building enhance the student learning experience? Can it help to build community more broadly? And can the design of a university residence building act as a catalyst for positive change and renewal of the urban environment?
For more information go to: (available from September 21, 2009)