Europan 10 Competition

Type: open

Registration: 100 EUR

Any team of young urban and architectural design professionals (architects, urban planners, landscape designers, engineers). Teams may also include young professionals from other disciplines. All candidates must be under 40 years old on the closing date for submission of entries.

1st Prize – 12,000 EUR
Runner-Up – 6,000 EUR

29 June 2009 – submission deadline
September-October 2009 – shortlisting of entries
December 2009 – January 2010 – final selection of entries
18 January 2010 – announcement of results

Ghislain Geron, architect, General Inspector, General Management of Territory Facilities of the Walloon Area
Chantal Vincent, architect
Claude Eerdekens, Burgomaster of the City of Andenne, former Minister
Tuur Ceuppens, Staff of the Deputy Burgomaster of Town Planning of the City of Anvers
Jacqueline Miller, Sociologist
Jens Metz, architect, Deutschland
Boris Bouchet, architect, Europan 9 Winner, France
Elisabeth Iglesias, architect, Argentine
Chris Younes, philosopher, professor of the schools of architecture (Clermont-Ferrand, Paris) France
Jean-Michel Degraeve, Architect, General Inspector, Walloon Society of Housing
Robert Stephane, Former General Director of the Belgium Radio Television Company (to confirm)

Design Challenge:
The generic theme of Europan 10 – Inventing urbanity – specifically involves collaboration with the cities and urban developers in the organizing countries. Indeed, the ultimate aim of the European vision of the city is to make society, in other words to bring together people of all conditions and origins. However, the dominant trend towards individualization, the quest for autonomy, cannot be ignored. This is precisely the contradiction that Europan addresses: on the one hand wanting the city – i.e animation, communal life, people – and on the other side wanting intimacy, privacy, home and the immediate circle.

Submission Requirements:
– three A1-format panels
– 2 copies of an A3-format bound document
– 2 copies of a Cdrom/DVD with the panels A1 in 300 dpi (PDF, size A1 andA3) and 72 dpi (PDF, web size) resolutions and the bound document, in 300dpi (PDF, size A3) resolution
– an A4-format sealed envelope containing documents revealing the competitors identity and proof that the proposal meets all the qualification requirements

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