6th IAHH International Student Design Competition

6th IAHH International Student Design Competition:

Planning and designing a micro-cosmic sustainable humane habitat

Open, international, student, ideas

Not Site Specific

15 Jan 2008 – Late Registration Deadline (by air mail)

22 Jan 2008 – Submission Deadline


International Association for Humane Habitat (IAHH)


Open, international, student, ideas


Not Site Specific




30 Nov 2007 – Early Registration Deadline (by air mail)

30 Dec 2007 – Inquiries Deadline

15 Jan 2008 – Late Registration Deadline (by air mail)

22 Jan 2008 – Submission Deadline

23-24 Jan 2008 – Jury Deliberations

27 Jan 2008 – Results Announced

15 Jun 2008 – Publication


Students of architecture, planning, urban design, landscape architecture and related disciplines of anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, social work etc. The student group shall be headed by a student of architecture.


Prof. Peter Rowe, Harvard University, USA

Prof. Frank Lyons, Architect, University of Plymouth, UK

Prof. Rodney Harber, University of Natal, South Africa

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Salama, Qatar University, Qatar

Prof. Neelkanth Chhaya, CEPT, Ahmedabad, India


1st Prize – INRs 50,000/-

2nd Prize – INRs 25,000/-

3rd Prize – INRs 15,000/-

Honorable Mentions


Early Registration US$25

Late Registration US$50


In the wake of globalization and liberalization of world economic order, the human settlements – cities and villages – are undergoing a rapid transformation. While the urban growth continues guided by policies and programmes of urban development, there are vast areas in the urban core, periphery and hinterland, which have become economically and socially depressed, with dilapidated housing stock, congested work places and degraded environment.

It is the purpose of the 6th IAHH International Student Design Competition to investigate into this issue of rapid urbanization and resultant decay and degradation of human settlements in the urban core, periphery and hinterland in order to evolve a more enlightened approach to planning, design and management of humane habitats.

The student competitors are required to identify such an area in a village / city / town / metropolis in their own country or in any other country anywhere in the world. The community may be about 1500 to 3000 people, with jobs for 500 or more people. The urban / rural area may admeasure about 5 to10 hectares or so. The student participants shall survey and study the area in depth to understand the complexity of social, economic and demographic issues involved and plan and design for its sustainable area development.

The design-brief requires planning and design for an urban or rural community of 500 to 1000 units of dwelling and about 250 to 500 or more jobs in different establishment suited to the location and context. The housing typology and nature of work places may vary as per the social, cultural, economic and environmental context. The area and type of housing units and work places shall depend on the existing and proposed density, demand for housing and work- places in the area.

The proposed plans and designs shall aim to evolve a more humane community through sustainable and affordable development strategy, appropriate construction and technology, innovative planning, creative architectural and sustainable environmental design. These shall be the main criteria for evaluation of the projects.


Prof. Akhtar Chauhan, Convener

Prof. Anil Nagrath, Technical Co-ordinator


IAHH International Student Design Competition

Rizvi College of Architecture

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Mumbai 400 050


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