Streetscape in a New World

Streetscape in a New World

Open, international Beijing, China

15 Jan 2008 – Registration Deadline

15 Jan 2008 – Submission Deadline


New World China Land Limited; di Magazine


Open, international


Beijing, China




15 Jan 2008 – Registration Deadline

15 Jan 2008 – Submission Deadline


Open to all worldwide


Zhen Shiling, Ma Qingyuan, Zhu Wenyi, Wang Weiqiang , Alex Krieger, Jean-Paul Viguier


1 st Prize, 1 person, 60,000 RMB building traveling fund

2 nd Prize, 3 persons, 20,000 RMB building traveling fund

3 rd Prize, 6 persons, 10,000 RMB building traveling fund

Public Choice Prize, 1 person, 20,000 RMB building traveling fund




There is a street in everyone’s heart. In many people’s memory, streets are places full of enjoyment. However, with the development of China’s modern cities and change of social life styles, streets gradually emerge into a simple kind of functional places for transportation, losing many of its original city life functions, such as communication, direction, designation, receiving information, etc.

Chongwenmenwai Street in the Chongwen District of Beijing and Shanghai Huaihaizhong Road are the two most important cities in China. They are in the center of cities. They are full of historic values. They can aptly represent the tremendous challenges for city public space design, namely, growing city transportation needs, business development and renovation.

Please realize the thrust of this competition in your design: bringing enjoyment back to streets, streets back to life, and developing streets as City Life Enabler.

Please address the district characters: an old district and modern business area

Please present your understanding and redefinition of the comprehensive functions of the district

In your design, please consider the sustainability of the site, including how to enable it to possess the capability to continuously renovation.

Contestants can choose, according to their own wishes, to design for one or two sites as they wish. One contestant can take part in the designing of two sites, but has to submit his work separately.


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