Restoration and Extension of Geneva Library



Sponsor: City of Geneva, Switzerland | Department of Planning, Construction and Mobility
Type: open, international
Eligibility: WTO (World Trade Organization countries), Switzerland
Professions: architects (lead), engineers (structural)

Fee: none
Language: French
12 June 2023 – Application deadline
6 October 2023 – Submission of competition documents
20 October 2023 – Submission of model
• Doris Wälchli, Architect EPF, FAS, SIA, Brauen Wälchli architectes, Lausanne (Vorsitz)
• Philippe Meylan, Architect EPFL, Director of the Direction du patrimoine bâti, City of Geneva
• Francesco Della Casa, Architect, Cantonal Architect, State of Geneva
• Elisabeth Boesch, Architect EPF, FAS, Elisabeth & Martin Boesch Architects FAS, Zürich
• Paola Maranta, Architect EPF, FAS, Miller & Maranta AG, Basel
• Pia Durisch, Architect ETH, FAS, Durisch + Nolli Architetti Sagl, Massagno
• Laurent Beaudouin, Architect DPLG, Beaudouin Architects, Paris and Nancy 
• Pierre Tourvieille de Labrouhe, Heritage Architect, Architectural Heritage Conservation Advisor, City of Geneva
• Aurelio Muttoni, Civil Engineer EPF, SIA, Muttoni et Fernández Ingénieurs Conseils, Ecublens
* Miyuki Inoue, Architect TUS, Master EPF, SIA, Hull Inoue Radlinsky Architekten, Zürich (deputy)

Additional optional disciplines:
Electrical engineer, Geologist / Geotechnology /Geophysics, HLKK-Engineer, Interior design, Landscape Architecture, Sanitation Engineer, Security planning / -technology, 
Specialist in preventive conservation, Specialist in archiving and library science, 
Specialist in space planning and furniture design, Specialist in signage

Design Challenge
Multidisciplinary architectural project competition (architect – civil engineer) for the restoration and extension of the Geneva Library.

The City of Geneva wishes by the present competition to obtain various answers to the demands of the specifications in order to be able to choose a project ensuring the preservation of the collections and the redevelopment of the restored surfaces.
Documents can be obtained at:
(ID 254626)