Department of State 2022 Design-Build Construction Contract for Curacao New Consulate Compound 


Client: U.S. Department of State
Type: Open, RfQ
Construction/Architecture teams with similar projects in size of at least $97.5M
Fee: none
Language: English
Process: Shortlist of five teams with site visit and submission of designs in second stage

Project budget: $130-165 million
10 October 2022 – Request for clarifications deadline
20 October 2022 – Submission deadline
Project site:
The Curacao New Consulate Compound (NCC) project includes the design/build construction of a New Consulate Office Building (approx. 7,166 m2, including shell space for a future Marine Residence), On-Site Storage/Shops (approx. 1,091 m2), a combined Main/Consular Compound Access Control Service Compound Access Control building (totaling approx. 638 m2), Utility Building approx. 606 m2), Perimeter and Site Improvements. 
Property Description: The NCC site includes the existing consulate compound and recently acquired adjacent properties.  The expanded site is irregular in shape with the southern portion sloping steeply down toward the city below. Approximately 6.7 acres in size, it is in the Scharloo section of Curacao.  The site contains historically significant structures that will be incorporated into the NCC design.

For more information and to submit qualifications: