Namdo Righteous Army History Museum


Application deadline: 6 May 2022 (12:00 EST)


Organizer: The ordering organization of the competition is Jeollanam-do, and is responsible for the overall design competition and project process and supervises all related issues
Type: International, two-stage, open
Eligibility: Licensed architects in their country of origin
Fees: none
Languages: English, Korean
6 May 2022 – Registration deadline (12:00 EST)
Phase One
31 May 2022 – Submission of initial proposals—planning

Phase Two
23 August 2022 – Competition submission in detail

Jury panel:
Eleven (11) jurors, of which three are non-Korean

Design Challenge:
The aim of the competition is to construct the Namdo Righteous Army History Museum, which effectively performs the function of a museum containing the history and symbolism of Namdo righteous army (militia) and to create a complex cultural space that can contain the diverse activities of local residents by creating a historical park that is a cultural space that harmonizes with the surrounding landscape resources.

Establish a comprehensive master plan for museums and historical parks for the entire site, and create a complex cultural space such as creating a walking trail, installing sculptures, creating a theme forest and etc to become a base for local cultural tourism.

We would like to obtain the best design that actively utilizes the site’s potential as a new tourist destination rich in natural environment and resources, such as the Yeongsan River, Daya Plain, Sa-am Reservoir, and Yeongsan Riverside Bicycle Path and Riverside Road.

We look for creative design initiatives that can provide places everyone wants to visit and spend time by plan it as an open public building that is naturally connected visually and functionally from the surrounding environment of the external space to the interior by maximizing the poteltial of topography.

Jeollanam-do was the most active in the voluntary movement of righteous army whenever the country was in crisis. It is intended to promote the establishment of a museum with the function of inheriting the noble spirit of Namdo righteous army, collecting and preserving historical and cultural resources of righteous army, and systematically researching and exhibiting them.

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