Switzerland National Library Renovation

Client: Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL

Type: RfQ, 2-stage
Eligibility: Switzerland and WTO
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Languages: German, French, Italian
Fees: none
Number of shortlisted teams to participate: 6

10 March 2022 – Documents submission deadline

Competition Process

The two-stage study commission procedure for general planners aims to obtain proposals for the new orientation of the National Library of the future as well as for the overall renovation of the listed building complex.

Six pre-qualified teams are to demonstrate how a place can be created for the new orientation and vision of the National Library. The study commission is expected to result in a project proposal that takes into account the various requirements in a design-sensitive and adequate manner, while respecting the architectural heritage: In addition to the renovation of the building, the project proposal should also take into account the utilization concept of the National Library of the future. Furthermore, there is a need for action with regard to the building’s statics. The planning contract is to be awarded to the team of the selected project by private negotiation

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