Renewal of Nyugati Railway Station and its Surroundings



Sponsor: Budapest City Government
Type: International, RfQ
Fee: None
Languages: English and Hungarian
8 November 2021 (4pm) – Submission of the Participation Documentation
1 March 2022 – Deadline for competition entries
The competition will be administered according to the regulations of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects. In addition to the delegates of the State of Hungary and the Budapest Development Agency, the jury panel will be composed of the delegates of the municipalities of Budapest and the districts concerned, the representatives of the professional organizations and international railway construction experts
Note: of the 23 members currently listed on the competition jury, 19 are architects
Design Challenge:
Budapest Nyugati railway station is one Hungary’s most significant railway monuments and business transport intersections, the most valuable development area of Budapest’s inner city. Its planning is therefore a complex task, requiring a holistic approach in managing the transport and infrastructural, urban development, architectural and landscape architectural aspects of the project.
The task of the applicant is to design the new deep level station and the surface platform hall above it, including the platforms and the canopies. The monumental hall is to be converted into a traversable public space, inviting people to spend some time there, and the plan must also provide a functional future vision for the use of its auxiliary spaces. Fully respecting the building’s architectural values, coordinating the historical and contemporary structures presents a particular challenge.
All necessary passenger traffic and railway operational functions must be located in the terminus along with all the areas that may be used for of business purposes – commercial, service, office, cultural, etc.
The multi-storey, complex system of the spaces of the Budapest Nyugati railway station will be further expanded as a result of the project. The attractive and transparent design of the pedestrian passage and waiting spaces and vertical transport cores is a key element of the competition, associated with the public spaces and pedestrian underpasses around the building complex. The humanisation of these areas coupled with the needs of the present and the future is also part of the task. Similarly, the subject of the competition is the optimisation of the public transport transfer points, the bicycle and micro mobility and road accessibility of the terminus, including the logistical requirements.
The detailed feasibility study, prepared as a basis of the competition, also includes an urban development master plan. By further consideration, the development concept of the brown field areas behind the terminus must be enhanced, particularly the linear green surfaces that can be developed along the railway track to improve the interoperability of the urban fabric and to liberate the property development potential of the area.
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