Harku Town Hall and Central Square Architecture Competition



Sponsor: Town of Harku, Estonia
Type: open, anonymous, ideas,
Eligibility: EU
Fee: none
Language: Estonian (Tender available in English)
20 January 2022 – Submission deadline
First place / winner – € 12,000
Second place – € 10,000
Third place – € 8,000
Incentive bonus – € 4,000
Incentive bonus – € 4,000
Participation conditions:
In order to participate in the competition and obtain information related to the competition, interested parties must register in the public procurement register. The participation documents of the design contest together with the design must be submitted through the public procurement register and the design must be submitted in duplicate to the address of the organizer of the contest. The Contracting Authority has established the qualification conditions for the participants in the public procurement, which are available in the basic document “Qualification conditions” of this public procurement and the requirements for the tender / request to participate, which are available in the basic document “Eligibility conditions” of this public procurement. Public procurement is not divided into parts, as it is a complete architectural solution that cannot be divided into parts for aesthetic reasons. A holistic idea and vision is obtained. The offer document must not exceed 20 MB. The total volume of tender documents digitally signed may not exceed 100MB. The user’s Internet upload speed must be at least 5 Mbps


For more information and to register:
https://riigihanked.riik.ee/rhr- web/ – /procurement/3763956/tenders
E-post: harku@harku.ee
Phone#: +372 58368085