Cold War Veterans Memorial


Sponsor: Cold War Veterans Memorial Commission

Type: International, open, 2-stage
Eligibility: Design professionals and students
Location: Village of Somers, near Kenosha, Wisconsin

Competition Manager; Donald Stastny, FAIA

Language: English
Fees: USD100.00

15 June 2021 – 1st stage Submissions deadline
5 October 2021 – 2nd stage submissions deadline
Honoraria: Those individuals and teams chosen to participate in Stage 2 of the competition will receive USD25,000.

Design goals:
• Create an iconic image for the CWVM that is recognizable and memorable to visitors to the Pritzker Archives & Memorial Park Center (PAMPC). 

• Provide a LANDMARK that, combined with the buildings of the PAMPC, will be a visual attraction to potential visitors traveling Interstate 94. 

• Recognize the role of the CWVM as a CONTRIBUTING AND COMPLIMENTARY ELEMENT of the PAMPC complex. 

• Integrate any structures with interpretive landscape, choreographing a profound VISITOR EXPERIENCE offering choice in immersion and involvement. 

• Interpret the Design Themes to incorporate CONTENT AND SYMBOLOGY recognizing the complexity of the Cold War and the diversity of citizens that served in the U.S. Armed Forces, Intelligence Operations, Government and as Civilians. 

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