Canning Dock Competition


Sponsor: National Museums Liverpool (U.K.)

Type: International, RfQ, invited
Competition Manager: Colander Associates

Location: The National Museums Liverpool (NML) comprises eight museums and galleries and has one of the largest collections in the UK. Several of the venues, including International Slavery Museum and Maritime Museum and the Museum of Liverpool are located on the Liverpool waterfront. It is a stunning location with a powerful heritage narrative that has been granted UNESCO World Heritage status.
Language: English
Fees: none

23 April 2021 – RfQ Submission deadline
21 May 2021 – Announcement of shortlist

20 July 2021 – Stage 2 submissions due

Each competitor that is shortlisted to take part in Stage 2 will be offered an honorarium of £10,000 + VAT (if required), payable on receipt of a compliant Stage 2 submission. 

In addition, each team will receive an allowance of up to £5,000 to build their temporary 3D structure on the quayside

Jury: TbD (Jury panel with be the same for Stages 1 and 2)
Design Challenge:

There are four parts to the project:
There are four parts to the project: 

  1. Public realm, including a public art strategy – agile public space with a design that considers wayfinding throughout the site, the hard landscaping of the quaysides, seating, lighting, signage, refuse disposal, power, and sites for storytelling/performance, art and museum artefacts. 
  2. Pedestrian bridges between Mann Island and Hartley quay – new beautiful, iconic pedestrian bridges that have entry points onto the Canning Graving Docks quays, providing multiple routes through the NML estate. This includes a new swing bridge between Canning Half Tide Dock and Canning Dock, adjacent to The Pump House. 
  3. Graving Docks (No1 and No2) and the historic boats within – a ‘Heritage Dock’ that includes the narrative of the Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum, and an ‘Experience Dock’ to include opportunities for commercial opportunities, workshops, storytelling, and performance. There are two vessels in the docks – Edmund Gardner and De Wadden, both are items from NML’s museum collections.
  4. North Shed – a new waterfront focal point, bringing visitors and pedestrians into proximity with the water, right at the heart of NML. This could include infrastructure for a temporary or permanent venue for commercial uses or events. Consideration to be taken as to how the unique offer of water on the site in Canning Dock can be animated.

For more information and entry requirements: