Vilnius Railway Station and Public Square

Sponsors: City of Vilius and Lithuanian Railways (LTG
Type: International, open, one-stage, anonymous
Administrators: Lithuanian Association of Architects and Civitta
Languages: English, Lithuanian
Fees: none
Eligibility: Architects registered in their country of residence/origin
31 May, 2021 – Registration deadline
24 May, 2021 – Q&A deadline
31 May, 2021 – Submission deadline
7-11 June 2021 – Jury session
June-July of 2021 – Announcement of the results –
Jury: 11 members to be determined
The jury: The international Jury, consisting of 11 members. The majority of the Jury members are professional architects, urban planners, and landscape architects from Europe. Other jury members are representing Vilnius City Municipality and Lithuanian Railways (LTG).
1st Prize €50,000
2nd Prize €30,000 
3rd Prize €20,000
4th Prize €10,000
5th Prize €10,000

Design Challenge:
The participants will have to create an iconic and globally recognizable international railway station project, offer a public transport service infrastructure that would represent Lithuania and Vilnius in compliance with the highest quality standards, form an attractive station square, and offer an idea for a viable and connecting Station district urban centre.

  • The goal is that any person who arrives by train or bus to the city immediately sees that it is a vibrant city of the future, and when they step into the station square or street, they will feel that the city is cozy, green, and inspiring.
  • Projects for the reconstruction of stations in the world’s capital cities usually take place only once in a century, so this is a historic opportunity to define a vision for future generations. The partnership between the City and the businesses for regeneration of the station district reflects our determination to open up previously closed industrial spaces for the city and to adapt them for the people. Here The desire is to create such spaces that correspond to the best examples of Western European railway stations, and the station would not only be a start or the end point of travel, but also a new attraction centre with leisure and service spaces, comfortable connections for pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone choosing comfortable and eco-friendly trips by train.

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