New School, Smart School: Sejong National Model City Middle and High School Design Ideas Competition


Type of Competition: Ideas, international
Sponsor: Korea Education and Research Service
Eligibility: Young architects, students
Location: Sejong, Korea
Languages: English, Korean

29 January 2021 – End of Q&A period on website
15-19 February 2021 – Submission Deadline
1st Place – 8M KRW (USD 7,200)
2nd Places (2) – 3M KRW (USD 2,700)
3rd Places (5) – 1M KRW (USD 900)
4th Places (10) – .5M KRW (USD 450)
Create a learning environment linked to urban resources

– Suggest an idea to organize a school space that functions as an educational platform for the entire Sejong 5-1 Life Zone City

– Suggest a new idea for a type of school space composition that allows interaction with the surrounding environment

– Suggest ideas for creating a flexible space that can be shared among various applications such as kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools, the science culture center, and a complex community [Create a hybrid learning environment]

– Suggest an idea for school space composition to create an on/offline convergence learning environment

– Suggest ideas for school space for digital education in the post Covid-19 era

– Suggest ideas for educational space based on the fourth industrial revolution ICT

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