Low Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles


Organizers: Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Type: International, open

Languages: English
Fees: None
12 February 2021 – Submission deadline

Awards: In each category, cash prizes will be awarded as follows, for a total of 12 winning proposals:

First place – $10,000

Second place – $3,500

Third Place – $1,500

At the discretion of the jury, honorable mention awards may be given as well.


Low-Rise: Housing Ideas for Los Angeles is a $100,000 design challenge asking architects and landscape architects to help us imagine appealing and sustainable new models of low-rise, multi-unit housing.

Participants may enter in any or all of the following categories.

Fourplex: Assuming a 50-by-150-foot lot, submit a design that includes four ground-up units, with a minimum unit size of 500 square feet, at least one unit of 1,000 square feet or more in size, and a maximum total square footage for the four units of 4,500.

Subdivision: Submit a design for a standalone duplex on site of 2,500 square feet carved from an existing single-family lot, taking advantage of assumed smaller minimum lot size guidelines.

(Re)Distribution: Divide a landmark existing house into four units, or distribute its interior square footage across its lot as four separate units. Entrants to choose one house from a list of famous/iconic designs (e.g., Hollyhock House, South Seas House, etc.), a full list of which will be provided.

Corners: Assuming neighboring homeowners who choose to combine their lots, at least one of which occupies a corner, submit a design for 6-10 units across these two newly connected lots, including a so-called Accessory Retail Unit, which is to say a reimagined corner store.

For more information and to enter: https://lowrise.la